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SSA Application TS App for School Infrastructure, Toilet Monioring, School Visits. Collect/ Monitor the School Facilities for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan through SSA Application TS App. Download the SSA Application TS from the given link. SSA Application TS Android App, SSA Application TS Mobile App, TSSA App, TSSA Application App, TSSA Mobile App, TSSA Monitoring app, TSSA School Visits App, TSSA Android Application

SSA Application TS App for School Infrastructure, Toilet Monioring, School Visits. Collect/ Monitor the School Facilities for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan through SSA Application TS App. Download the SSA Application TS from the given link. SSA Application TS Android App, SSA Application TS Mobile App

Rc.No.3854/T'SSA/PLG/T7/2017 Dated: 15.12.2017
Sub: TSSA- Design and development of Mobile app for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), School Education Department, Telangana State- Authorizing NIC to uploading the app in the Google play store - Certain instructions issued - Reg.

With reference to the subject cited, it is hereby informed that NIC has developed and authorized a mobile app in Android platform for School Infra Structure & monitoring and School Visits. The TSSA Mobile Android App is named as "SSA applications TS" and it uses the logos of School Education Department (copy enclosed).

Therefore, all the District Educational Officers in the State are directed to issue instructions to the Mandal Educational Officers, Complex Head Masters, Cluster Resource Persons and Sectoral officers concerned in their districts to down load the "SSA applications TS" from Google paly Store by using Mobile App to update the visit reports in the App and also directed to review the monitoring reports of filed level officers. This has got the approval of the Commissioner& Director of School Education & Ex-Officio State Project Director (TSSA), Hyderabad.
User Manual - SSA Application Document
About SSA Application TS App: Android application (SSA Application All) is developed for Sarva Shiksha Abiyan Telangana, In this application there are 2 modules
Module 1. School Infra Structure & Monitoring.
Module 2. School Visit.

Home Screen:
Technologies Used:
Front End: Android (Java & XML).
Backend: .Net & Sql Server.
Web Services: SOAP.
In the Document: In this document you can find user manual for this android application for all the four modules.

1. School Infra Structure & Monitoring:
This module is to monitor the school toilets and infrastructure of the school, in this Module School HM has to login with the school id and upload the school related photographs and toilet photo graphs for dysfunctional toilet monitoring.
1. Login: School HM has to login with the school id (child info) and password
2. Home: After successful login screen will navigate to the home screen. In this screen you can find the map which is mapping the current location and tow buttons which are
1. Toilet Photos
2. School Infra Photos.
If you click on this buttons screen will navigate to related screens respectively.

3. Toilet Photos: In this screen all the toilet photographs need to upload. Here you need to enter total toilets exists in the school, number of toilets functioning and number of toilets not-functioning. Here number of toilets you entered should match the number of photographs you taken.
If the toilet is function select the functioning option available in the drop down, if it is not functioning select the not functioning, if it is not function select the reason also. Here one button (View History) is available if you click on this button previous photographs will be shown based on the date.
4. View History: In this screen it shows date wise list as show in the picture , if you click on the date the related photographs will be shown which are taken by school HM on that date.
5. School Infra Photos: In this screen you need upload all school related photo graphs like school building, compound wall and kitchen shed etc. To upload or update the photos you need to click on the grid item as shown in the picture.

2. School Visit
1. Login: In this login screen user needs to enter his user id and password
2. Registration Form:
If the user is logging in for the first time using the valid credentials screen will navigate to the registration form activity there user needs to enter the details asked.
Details need to enter: Name, Treasure Id, Email Id, Mobile Number, and Alternate Mobile Number
If it is a cluster login you need to enter your old password, new password and confirm password.
After enter the all the fields required click on submit button. screen will navigate to the login screen , now login again (login with new password if it is a cluster login)
3. School Visit Home Screen: In this home screen you can find the left side menu navigation in this navigation you can find School visit, User Profile, Change Password and logout navigation tabs.
If you click on School visit above screen (default opened screen) will be opened here Visiting officer needs to enter the related fields it is an entry form for the school visit. In this screen based on the date of visit, school code, visiting officer designation you can insert or update the existing form.
5. User Profile Screen: If you click on user profile tab on navigation bar, user details of the corresponding (user who is logged in) user will be shown.
6.Change Password: Change password is only available for the cluster login, if you click on the change password tab on navigation bar change password dialogue will be opened here user needs to enter his old password , new password and confirm password.
If you click on Logout tab on navigation bar logout dialogue will be opened, you click on ok than user will be logged out from the current session, and Screen will navigate to Login screen.
7. Submit School visit form Part-1: After enter the details in the home screen you can submit or search the form based on the insert update selection. After submit/search screen will navigate to Enter Form-1 screen here you need to enter or update the required fields and click on submit part-1.
7. Submit School visit form Part-2: After submit the part-1 screen will navigate to part-2 here user need to enter the entire required field and click on submit part-2 button.

Module I. School infrastructure facilities : 
Has two submodules namely dysfunctional toilet management  and school infrastructure visuals. Access is provided only to school head masters. Various analysis reports are generated at state/district/mandal/school level.

A: Dysfunctional toilet management : This module allows every School  to  upload photos of maximum 6 toilets put together boys /girls and functional/dysfunctional into the database. Authorities can monitor the status of toilets from time to time and compare with the previous photos.

B: School infrastructure visuals: Maximum of  10  photos of school infrastructure like school building, class rooms etc can be uploaded into the database for further monitoring. This helps in monitoring facilities provided by schools and for sanctioning of funds.

Module II. School visit : Access is provided for Cluster/mandal/district/state level, who  can visit the school  and captures various school details like enrolment, attendance of children/teachers,  syllabus covered, status of toilets, midday meal etc. These parameters are stored in centralized database for  generation of analysis reports for monitoring.

Download the SSA Application TS App:
SSA Application TS App Proceedings
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