All SMCs can place Uniform Orders to APCO through Online- How to Register Online for Uniforms

All SMCs can place Uniform Orders to APCO through Online || How to Register Online for Uniforms-Online Procedure to register at APCO  || User guide for  Register Online for Uniforms

All SMCs can place Uniform Orders to APCO through Online

The Andhra Pradesh State Handloom Weavers Coperative Society Ltd., (APSHWCS), popularly called APCO. APCO is the APEX Handloom Weavers Cooperative Society of Andhra Pradesh. APCO FABRICS-offering the entire exquisite range of handloom fabrics in the state. 

APCO has sent a letter on 17th of August 2013 to all the Project Officers, District Educational Officers and Mandal Educational Officers in the Andhra Pradesh state. That letter details as follows

Ref: APCO/CO/LS/RVM/2013; Date:  17.08 .2013
APCO- CO – Supply of uniforms to school children for the year 2013-14 - Furnishing of class wise strength by SMC’s through on line – Requested 
             Ref: 1. G O Ms No.24 dt.22.03.2013 of Industries & Commerce (Tex) Department, Govt of A.P,             Hyderabad.
                    2. G.O.Rt.No.41, dt.27.01.2011 of the Industries and Commerce (TEX) Department.
                    3. This office letter No. APCO/LS/CO/RVM/2013 Dt: 17.07.2013
                    4. Letter RC No.5234/RVM (SSA)/C4/2012 Dt.17.07.2013.
                    5. This office letter No.APCO/CO/LS/RVM/2013 Dt.23.07.2013.
                    6. This office letter No.APCO/CO/LS/RVM/2013 Dt.30.07.2013.

We invite your attention to the subject and references cited. You are well aware that instructions were issued to all School Management committees for placing of uniform cloth indent on APCO for the year 2013-14 immediately. In order to facilitate to furnish the class wise, gender wise strength particulars by School Management Committees, APCO has developed a website ( so that the information will be received immediately through online.

Hence, we request you to issue necessary instructions to all SMC’s to furnish school wise strength particulars immediately. This will facilitate to make necessary arrangements like Production and Processing etc., for supply of the uniform cloth within the time schedule. The early we receive the orders better will be the supplies.

  • By typing the website address   in any browser, the following screen appears. Then Click Register Your School button to fill required fields.

  • Type your School Name,  School Code (Dise code) and Email (This email will be used for receive any updates and further login ). 
  • Type  your own  Password (To make your password stronger : Make it at least 6 characters , Add lowercase letters, Add uppercase letter and Add punctuation) after Confirm password.
  • If you fill the details correct click Submit button.
  • Then Your account is created successfully.

  • After Registering at the above webiste. click on Login Button.
  • Enter your Email Id as user name and Enter Password and Click Enter
  • Then Fill Your School Details and Class wise Particulars Requirements for Uniforms in the given required feilds.
Fill Your School Details Screen

School Strength details screen

  • Add class Requirement is also available at Top of website. Just Click on All class at the top, enter Details and Save. 
  • The Details entered by us can be editable.

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