Sri Padmavathi Mahila Visvavidyalayam B.Ed (Distance Mode) Course details

Sri Padmavathi Mahila Visvavidyalayam B.Ed (Distance Mode) Course details: Sri Padmavathi Mahila Visvavidyalayam has issued B.Ed (Distance Mode) Admission Notification 2013. The University invites applications from the women teachers for admission into B.Ed (D.M) course for 2018-2019.  B.Ed (D.M) course details are provided here.

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The following combinations of school subjects are offered under Methodology Subjects.
1. Mathematics & Physical Sciences
2. Mathematics & English
3. Mathematics & Telugu
4. Physical Sciences & English
5. Physical Sciences & Telugu
6. Biological Sciences & English
7. Biological Sciences & Telugu
8. Social Studies & English
9. Social Studies & Telugu

Course of Study:
The course of study shall comprise of four parts : A,B,C & D

Paper -I : Foundations of Education                                          100
Paper -II : Psychological foundations of Education                     100
Paper –III : Educationsl Technology and Computer Education    100
Paper-IV : School Management and systems of Education         100
Paper-V : Personality Development and Communicative English 100
Paper-VI : Methods of Teaching School Subject – I                   100
Paper-VII : Methods of Teaching School Subject – II                 100
Total Marks in Theory Examination Papers                            700 Marks

Practical Examination in Methods of Teaching School Subject-1   50
Practical Examination in Methods of Teaching School Subject-II  50
Practical Examination in Computer Education                               50
Total Marks in Practical Examinations                                150 Marks

1. Community Studies, Cultural Studies & SUPW Projects         60
(Part of Paper – I) (20+20+20)
2. Case Study & Life Skills Project (Part of paper – II)              60
3. ICT Project (Part of paper – III)                                           50
4. School Study Project (Part of Paper- IV)                              50
5. Personality Development & Communicative English
(Part of Paper- V) (30+30)                                                       60
Total Marks in Project Works                                         280 Marks

1. Scholastic Achievement Record Method I                      30
2. Scholastic Achievement Record Method II                     30
3. Micro Teaching Record Method I                                  15
4. Micro Teaching Record Method II                                 15
5. Teaching Practice Cum Internship Record Method I       80
6. Teaching Practice Cum Internship Record Method II      80
7. Teaching Practice Cum Internship Diary                         20
Total Marks in Practicum in School Subjects               270 Marks

Total Marks of B,C & D                                          = 700 Marks
Grand Total of Theory & Practicals    = 700 + 700 = 1400 Marks

Distance Education Centre, SPMVV has 5 study centers for B.Ed(DM) programme of 2013-2015.

Each centre accommodates 100 students.

Candidates provisionally selected after interview in the Distance Education Centre, S.P. Mahila Visvavidyalayam, Tirupati will be allotted to any of the study centers based on the choice of the candidate as per the methodologies on first come first basis.

Admission Committee will decide the provisional admission of candidates as per the University Norms.
Duration of the Course :                                 24 months
Demonstration and Lesson Plan Corrections : 5 days
Teaching Practice Programme :                      5 days
Block Teaching Programme :                         15 clear working days
Medium of Instruction :                                  English/Telugu
Medium of Examination :                                English/Telugu

Printed study material in English/Telugu will be supplied to the candidates at the time of admission/during the course periodically.

An amount of Rs. 15,000/- (Rupees Fifteen Thousands only) will be collected from each candidate selected for admission towards tuition fee/special fee and study material. An amount of Rs.200/- will be collected towards user charges from each student. Fee once paid will not be refunded either in full or in part for any reason.

B.Ed (Distance Mode) Admission Notification: Click here

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