General Instructions to DDO's for Data Entry on Finance Department Website

General Instructions to DDO's for Data Entry on Finance Department Website || General Instructions to DDO's || Data Entry on Finance Department Website | DDO User Manual For Employee Data Capturing Application || Comprehensive Financial Management System

General Instructions to DDO's for Data Entry 
“General” tab in the “Home” page contains the following items:
  • Change Password
  • Contact us / Post your Query
  • Know your Query Status
  • View your Queries
Change Password:
1 To change your password, click “Change Password” on the “General” tab drop down menu.
2 “Change Password” window appears, enter the required details in the given fields and click “Submit” button.

Contact Us / Post your Query:
DDO can post and get resolution for the queries here.
1 To post a query, click “Contact Us / Post your Query” option form General tab drop down menu.
2 “Contact Us” page appears; enter the details for the following fields

NameDDO must enter the name here
DesignationDDO must provide the designation details
Query TypeMention the query type here
SubjectMention the subject here
Description DDO must write the brief about the query
EmailDDO must enter the email Id details here
Contact NoMention the contact number here
Upload a fileUpload a query related screen shot for easy resolution

3 After filling up the complete details, click “Submit” button.
4 The reference number will be generated after successful submission of the query

Know your Query Status:
1 To know your query status, click “Know your Query Status” option on the “General” tab drop down menu.
2 “Track Your Query Status” page appears. Enter the Reference number of the query being tracked in the “Please enter the Reference number” field.
3 Click “Submit” button to track the query.

View your Queries:
1 To view your queries, click “View your Queries” option on the “General” tab drop down menu.
2 “Request Status” page appears with the list of queries submitted. Click on the query you wish to view.

On clicking the “Logout” option in the “Home” page the DDO will be redirected to logout page.

Session timeout
A session timeout is an important security control for any application. It specifies the length of time that an application will allow a DDO to remain logged in before forcing the DDO to re-authenticate.

A. How do I get started with this application?
Please refer the Data Capture application’s end DDO guide which helps you in getting started. Access this document in the mentioned path

B. What is the recommended browser for this Data Capture application?
The Recommended browser for this “Data capture application” would be Internet Explorer (IE).

C. I get an error message of “Session expired – Re-Login”, how often I am expected to close the Highly recommended to save the information entered, if one fails to save the data they not are able to retrieve any information lost.

D. After Submission can I edit the information I entered?
Upon clicking the submit button, DDO will not be able to modify or update information. DDO should send a request mail to technical support executive for further assistance.

E. I forgot my password and unable to access my account?
Please contact the technical support team for further assistance.

F. How do I preview and Print the information submitted?
To print and preview, please follow the instruction below:
Click on “Report” tab in the home page and select the respective “form” you want to print and preview. You will be redirected to the information page and click on Excel /print icon to have a preview of the application.

G. I get a password change mail for this application?
To change the password, please follow the instruction below: Click on “General” tab and select Change Password from the drop down Enter the “Old password” and “New password” in the “Change the Password window” and click Submit.

H. I am unable to download the information in .xls format; it throws me with an error message?
Please download the recommended version of the Ms Office or report the issue to technical support executive.

The following cross-references are used in this glossary:

S.NoTerm Definition
1GPFGeneral Provident fund
2PRAN / CPSPermanent Retirement Account Number / Contributory Pension Scheme
3APGLIAndhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance
4PANPermanent Account Number
5IFSIndian Financial System
6DDODrawing and Disbursing Officer
7ZPF Zilla Parishad provident fund
8GOGovernment Order

Important Links for Finace Department Portal Website
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2Instrutions to DDO's for Online Employee Data Collection
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3CFM Employees Data Capturing Application Uses
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4Office and Employees Online Data Entry Forms
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5DDO User Guide/Manual for Employee Data Capturing Application
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Instructions to be followed while filling up the Below Data Entry on Finance Department Portal
1How to Fill the “Office Address Details”
Click here
2How to Fill the “Subordinate Office Address Details”
Click here
3How to Fill the “Next Higher Office Address Details”
Click here
4How to Fill the “Head of Account Mapping”
Click here
5How to Fill the “Regular Employee Details”
Click here
6How to Fill the “Grant in Aid Salary Employee Details”
Click here
7How to Fill the “Contract Employee Details”
Click here
8How to Fill the “Outsourced Employee Details”
Click here
9How to Fill the “Work Charged Employee Details”
Click here
10How to Fill the “NMR & Others Employee Details”
Click here
11How to Fill the “Home Guards /Anganwadi/ etc”
Click here
12How to Fill the Allowances / Deductions and Dependent Details
Click here
13How to accessing the Employee Search Details and Reports on Finace Department Portal Website
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14General Instructions to DDO's for Data Entry on Finance Department Website
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  1. Download the Data Entry Forms: Click here
  2. For more details : Click here
  3. Employees Data Capturing Application Website Uses: Click here
  4. GO.334 Uploading Employee Data : Click here
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