Leave Rules in Telugu, TS AP Leave Rules in Telugu, Types of Leave

Leave Rules in Telugu | TS AP Leave Rules in Telugu | Types of Leave | Earned Leave | Casual Leave, Leave Definition, Earned Leave (ELs),Re-cost Leave,SL(Surrendered Leave), Half Pay Leave (HPL), Commuted Leave,Leave Not Due,Special Half Pay Leave,Extraordinary Leave (EOL),Maternity Leave,Abortion Leave,Study Leave,Special Disability Leave,Hospital Leave,Casual Leave(CL),Special Casual Leave,CCL, Prefix Suffix Clarifications, Aided Teachers Leave, Child care leave
Leave Rules in Telugu

All teachers and employees should follow the leave rules. Detailed Leave rules are provide in telugu pdf file.
  1. Leave Definition
  2. Earned Leave (E.L)
  3. Re-cost Leave
  4. Surrendered Leave
  5. Half Pay Leave (H.P.L)
  6. Commuted Leave
  7. Leave Not Due
  8. Special Half Pay Leave
  9. Extraordinary Leave (E.O.L)
  10. Maternity Leave
  11. Abortion Leave
  12. Study Leave
  13. Special Disability Leave
  14. Hospital Leave
  15. Casual Leave
  16. Special Casual Leave
  17. C.C.L
  18. Prefix – Suffix
  19. Aided Teachers Leave

Leave Rules in Telugu
Leave Rules in Telugu

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