INSPIRE Award Scheme User Manual for School Authority

INSPIRE Award Scheme User Manual for School Authority: E-MIAS User Manual | E-Management of INSPIRE Award Scheme(E-MIAS) | Download E-MIAS User Manual for School Authority | E-MIAS details on  INSPIRE Programme implemented by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Department of Science &Technology, Government of India | INSPIRE Award Scheme | INSPIRE Programme

E-Management of INSIRE Award Scheme(E-MIAS)
A Scheme / Programme implemented by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Department of Science &Technology, Government of India for attraction of talent amongst the students to study Science and pursue career with research. To attract the young talent amongst students to study science and pursue career with research.

What is E-MIAS:
Under the INSPIRE Award Scheme, large number of nominations, running into lakhs, have to be processed for selection of the students for INSPIRE Award. DST plans to e-manage the entire INSPIRE Award Scheme by using State-of-Art latest Information Technology which would enable e-filing of nominations by the schools across the country, its processing by the District and State authorities as well as DST in accordance with the norms of the scheme, transmission of data of selected students to the banks, credit of Award amount to the bank accounts of selected Awardees (wherever notified) or preparation of INSPIRE Award Warrants by the bank and their dispatch to the selected Awardees and all such related activities concerning implementation of the scheme, management of the data, generation of various MIS returns etc.

Salient Features of E-MIAS:
1. It will enable about 5 lakh middle and high schools all over the country to log in online and file nominations under the Scheme, which would be received electronically by the District Education authorities for further processing. The schools will also be able to view, download and print list of sanctioned awardees and their certificates.

2. Similarly, it will enable all the (nearly) 700 District Education Authorities and 35 States / UTs and 3 Central Educational Organizations (Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, Navodaya Vidyalaya Sangathan and Sainik School Sangathan) to log in online and process the proposals received from schools and submit to the National Authority i.e. Department of Science & Technology (DST) for sanction.

3. The State and Districts authorities will also be able to submit the proposals for funds release for DLEPCs / SLEPCs online.

4. It will enable the National Authority (DST) to process the proposals and Awards / Funds so received from the State Authorities online and issue sanctions electronically, as per the approved norms.

5. The software will also have facilities for registration of schools, District Authorities and State Authority, sending and receiving online communications to / from these authorities, receiving utilisation certificates, summary reports, electronically generate standard and tailor-made MIS reports and so on.

6. It will also have the public domain home page where even public at large would be able to view not only the basic details of the scheme but also the awards sanctioned to various States / schools , various reports / documents / forms relating to scheme, submit suggestions / feedback and so on.

7. The service provider will also put in place a call centre, which will run six days a week, to cater to the need / grievances of stakeholders.

8. The site can be accessed at URL ( and the some features of the same can be seen at this web address (public domain features). Other features will require log in details of the respective authorities.

One Time School Registration:
For the School to get registered as School Authority under the E-MIAS, For One Time Registration: Click here

Download the E-MANAGEMENT OF INSPIRE AWARD SCHEME (E-MIAS) User Manual For School Authority: Click here

About INSPIRE Award Scheme: Click here
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