How to fill JNV Selection Test Online application form for Navodaya Entrance exam 2019

How to Fill JNV Selection Test Online Application Form for Navodaya Entrance Exam 2019

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How to registerOnline for J NV Selection Test 2019?
(i) The process for applying for JNV Selection Test has been simplified through Online process. Detailed and intensive verification of proofs for residence, age, eligibility etc will be done for successful candidates through the laid down procedure.
(ii) The eligible candidates along with his /her parent/guardians may approach Common Service Centre along with duly filled in cer tificate fr om the Head Master of School wher e the candidate is studying in Class V. The for mat of cer tificate may be downloaded fr om Samiti website www.nvshq.or g The sample of for mat is enclosed.
(iii) In case of candidates from NIOS, candidates should obtain `B’ certificate and residence should be in the same district where he / she is seeking admission.

The application for JNV Selection Test 2019 is being processed through Common Service
Centre of Ministry of IT, Govt. of India. Common Service Centre has a wider range with
2.6 lac centres across the country virtually covering every village. As per the MOU with NVS, Common Service Centre will be charging Rs 35/­(Rupees thirty five only) towards service charge to upload the application form per candidate.

B. Issue of Admit Cards:
The admit card can be downloaded from the office of Common Service Centre as per following schedule:
With effect from....
Get details: Navodaya Entrance Test Notification

For Exam to be Conducted on....

Admit Cards, duly prepared by the Principal, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya will be issued to the candidates through the office of the Block Education Officer. Candidates, who do not receive their Admit cards one week before the JNVST should immediately contact to Principal, JNV/BEO/DEO for the same.

C. Result of the JNV Selection Test:

The result of JNV Selection Test 2019 is expected to be announced by 1st week of April 2019 for Summer Bound, the last week of May 2019 for Winter Bound & 1st week of July 2019 for Extreme Winter Bound JNVs of the year of admission. The result will be displayed in the offices of the concerned (i) Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (ii) District Education Officer (iii) District Magistrate (iv) Deputy Commissioner, Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti of the Region. The Principal, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya concerned, will also inform the selected candidates through registered post. The result will also be displayed on website of the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti at the address www. nvshq. org

Last date for Submission of Application Forms: ....

Entrance Exam Date:
for Summer Bound JNVs..
For Winter Bound JNVs..
For Extreme Winter Bound JNVs..

Declaration of results
for Summer Bound JNVs....
for Winter....
for Extreme Winter Bound JNVs...

The Application form for admission to Class VI in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya is self explanatory. However, following guidelines may be specifically kept in view by the students and their parents/guardians.
1. Please read the Prospectus carefully. Fill in complete information after ensuring that the candidate fulfills all the prescribed requirements such as date of birth within prescribed range (1.5.2005 to 30.4.2009) schooling in classes III, IV & V in recognized institution(s). (Govt. / Govt. Aided / Recognized / NIOS).
2. Carefully fill the self declaration certificate to be produced for uploading the application form with regard to category i.e. General, SC, ST, OBC & Divyang. In case at the time of admission, it is found that a candidate has opted SC/ST though he/she does not actually belong to SC/ST community, his/her selection is liable to be cancelled.
3(a) Mention the date of birth in figures as well as in words. Write correct Date of Birth as per school records. In case, if it is observed at a later stage that the Date of Birth of the candidate does not match with the school records the candidature is liable to be rejected.
(b) Permanent identification marks which can be identified clearly shall be mentioned in the Application Form by the candidate.
4. Signature of both, the candidate and the father / guardian should be uploaded while applying for the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test.
5. The last date of submission of online Application Form in the office of "Common Service Centre" is .... for test to be conducted on ... (Summer Bound JNVs) as well as test to be conducted on 8th April 2019 (Winter Bound JNVs) & 9th June, 2019 (Extreme Winter Bound JNVs).

Change in Navoday Entrance Application form Submission Process:
Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti has made a change in this year's application. Applicants can apply online till November 25. An entrance test will be held on February 10 next year.Common Service Centers (Aadhaar Cards, PAN Cards)can be applied online directly. Certificate to be produced at the Common Service Center for JNVST 2019 Registration. The cost per each student is Rs. 35 for Online application form sumbission. The next, hall ticket can be downloaded at 10 rupees there. The application is placed on the website. Fill it and carry it with the corresponding school headmaster.

Aadhaar Card is very easy for the student to complete this process. There is no trouble with the Aadhaar card. Caste and income certificates will also be taken along with them. In this process Kurnool student can also register in Hyderabad. Hall ticket can be downloaded. It is sufficient to show uploaded certificates when selected students apply during the admission process. This method has been adopted since this year to prevent malpractice as a predetermined step.

Offlinemode Navodaya Entrance Exam Application Form Details:
Last date of submission of application form in the office of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya is 25th November 2019
Certified that the information (Name given of Student) (Name below are correct in respect of who is studying in Class V in of School) and interested to apply for Jawahar candidate Affix Passport size photo of the
Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test 2019
Name of Candidate (IN BLOCK LETTERS)
Father's Name (IN BLOCK LETTERS)
Mother's Name (IN BLOCK LETTERS)
Name of the Guardian and relationship, if any.
Date of Birth In figure In words Y
Gender Please put (✓) mark Boy Girl Transgender 0 Category
Nature of disability, if any. Please put (✓) mark against the respective category Physically handicapped Visually impaired Hearing impaired
Identification mark .
Present Postal Address Mobile No. Email .
Nationality Religion .
Medium of Examination (Please indicate one language out of 21 languages given in the prospectus)
Particular Class-III Class-IV Class-V
Name of the School (studied — III & IV and studying V) and village
Category of School (Recognized/ Not Recognized)
School Location : Rural / Urban
Month and Year of Joining
Month & year of Passing --
Name of the Block
Name of the District
Name of the State
I understand that even if the candidate has studied in urban area for a day out of classes III, IV & V , the student will be treated as urban candidate and If any of the information provided is found to be wrong the candidature of my ward will be forfeited at any
Signature of the candidate Signature of the Parent
Note: In respect of NIOS students, area will be decided on the basis of residence of the candidate. Verified from School records and found correct. Roll No. allotted For JNV Office use only
Signature of Head Master with Seal Centre
Offlinemode Navodaya Entrance Exam Application Form(Pdf)

JNVST 2019 Registration:
Certificate to be produced at the Common Service Center for JNVST 2019 Registration
Certified that the information given below are correct in respect of _________________________(Name of Student) who is studying in Class V in _________________________________________(Name of School) and interested to apply for Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test 2019.
Name of Candidate
Father’s Name
Mother’s Name
Date of Birth
Nature of Disability (PH/VH/HI) with percentage, if any

Particular Class-III Class-IV Class-V
Name of the School (studied – III & IV and studying V)
Category of School (Recognized/ Not Recognized)
School Location : Rural / Urban
Month and Year of Joining
Month & year of Passing --
Name of the Block
Name of the District
Name of the State

Signature or Thumb Impression of the Parent/ Guardian
Verified from school records.

Signature of Head Master (with seal)

Note:The certificate is required to be uploaded along with online application for admission in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya in Class VI. If any information provided is found incorrect at any stage it will result in forfeiture of candidature/admission in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya
Certificate to be produced at the Common Service Center for JNVST 2019 Registration

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CAUTION : Application Form is liable to rejection if columns are left blank or the entries are incomplete. Applicants should ensure that they fulfill all the prescribed requirements of education, age and of special categories (like SC/ST/Divyang) area (Urban/Rural) wherever applicable. If any information given in the original application form is found to be false / incorrect on subsequent verification, even after the selection of the candidate, the admission is liable to be cancelled and the decision of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti will be final and binding. No correspondence shall be entertained in this regard. Such admissions, if any obtained by any candidate on the basis of false certificate / declaration / information shall not only be cancelled but Samiti also reserves the right to recover the expenditure incurred on a student during his/her entire stay in a Vidyalaya.


  1. What is this common service centre? Does it mean any computer with internet connection?

  2. Hello Sir,
    Can you provide me any link for online submission of forms for entrance test for class 6 and class 7. I have gone through the website so many times but couldn't fine the option for filling up forms. I also have visited many Common Service Centers but they don't have any idea where to start filling up forms. The information you provided above has already been provided by many other people but none of them have any idea how to fill the forms. All have just copied brief details from prospectus but no one has replied when people asked about link to fill up forms. Kindly help me by providing link for online submission.


  3. how to fill form online plz give me link



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