KGBV Maintenance of Records and Registers at KGBV Residential Schools level

KGBV Maintenance of Records and Registers at  KGBV Residential Schools level: Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya are residential schools which covers hard to reach girls especially the deprived ones belonging predominantly to the SC, ST, OBC community and minority groups. This is an intervention for girls residing in small and scattered habitations far off from the nearest school.

Maintenance of Records, Accounts, Stock Register and Issue Register and Progress Cards:  All the necessary records such as Stock Register, Issue Register, Cash Book, Acquittance Register, Students Stipend Register, Cheque issue Register, Admission Register and Attendance Register pertaining to the staff and students have to be maintained properly and these shall be checked by the monitoring officers. Following is the list of Registers to be maintained at the KGBV level:

In order to ensure uniformity in records maintenance across all the 743 KGBVs, the following registers are to be necessarily maintained in every KGBV.

Attendance Registers
1. Admission Register
2. Student Attendance Register (class wise)
3. Teachers Attendance Register
4. Non-teaching Staff Attendance Register
5. Teacher duty allotment register for Night duty/Study/Holidays
6. Student Movement Register
7. Special Officer/Teacher/Other Staff movement Register
8. Visitors Register

Meeting Registers:
1. Staff meeting Minutes Register
2. KGBV Advisory Committee Register
3. Students' Committee/Balika Chetana Meeting Register
4. Health Check-up register
Academic Registers:
1. Teachers' Diary
2. Teaching Aids (TLM) Register
3. Radio and MANA TV Programme Register
4. Cultural Register (to keep a record of all the programmes conducted in the school and attended outside.)

Correspondence and Documentation Registers:
1. Inward Register & Dispatch Register
2. Child Case Study Register
3. Staff Orders Register (Appointment orders and other staff details)

Accounts Registers:
1. Cash book
2. Ledger Register
3. Check Issue Register
4. Bank reconciliation statement
5. Imprest amount cash book
6. Tenders (DPC) Register/File & EMD Register
7. Vouchers kept in Box file
8. Bills Register
9. Pay bill/Contingency bill register
10. TA bill register
11. Acquittance Register
12. Per Capita Register minutes Register
13. Asset Register
14. Stock Register
15. Provisions stock and issue register

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