B.Ed, D.Ed Resource Books for Pre-Service Teachers | B.Ed, D.Ed HandBooks

B.Ed and D.Ed Resource Books Trainee Teachers. B.Ed and D.Ed Resource Books for Pre-Service Teachers. B.Ed and D.Ed Hand Books for Pre-Service Teachers.  A Source Book for Pre-Service Teacher Education on Classroom Transaction, Teacher Preparation and Assessment Procedures.

B.Ed and D.Ed Resource Books for Pre-Service Teachers
Curriculum revision is a regular activity in accordance with the changing needs of the society. Curriculum revision includes revision of textbooks, classroom process, teacher preparation and reforms in evaluation procedures It also includes the learner, teacher, material and parents and society at large. The State Council of Educational Research and Training has developed the State Curriculum Framework - 2011 and Position Papers in tune with the National Curriculum Framework - 2005 and the Right to Education Act - 2009. Accordingly a new set of textbooks has been designed to be introduced in a phased manner. In the year 2012-13, the first of this series of textbooks was developed for classes I, II, III, VI, and VII. In the year 2013-14 for classes IV, V, VIII and IX and for class X textbook in 2014-15. Practicing teachers have been involved in the production of the textbooks along with the state level and national level experts.

In Andhra Pradesh there are two streams of students, i.e., English medium and Non-English medium. The English medium students have English as subject from class I, where asin non-English medium it was introduced from class III. In the revised curriculum English has been introduced in non-English medium schools from class I since 2011-12. With this, all classes from I to X will have English as one of the subjects, irrespective of the medium of instruction. Therefore, in order to have parity among students of English and non- English medium, a common English textbook has been introduced for all media since June 2012, with title “ My English World” in Primary and “Our World through English” in upper Primary.

LINK: E-Books/PDF TextBooks of AP, Telangana(1st to 10th class)

B.Ed and D.Ed Hand Books
The textbooks have been prepared basing on the constructivism, critical pedagogy to promote thinking skills like reflections, critical thinking, dialectical thinking and creative thinking. Utmost importance has taken to children participation in every stage of classroom transaction. Teacher’s role has been redefined as facilitator from teaching everything. We need to consider the child innate system of language and sufficient exposure should be provided to produce language contextually rather reproduce the content from the textbook. Every child should become an independent user of language. This handbook contains the objectives of teaching English at various stages, academic standards and indicators, syllabus grids, textbook features, transaction process, teacher preparation and planning, teaching learning material and evaluation procedures. It also includes the reference sources in language at the end.

These handbook will be helpful for the Trainee Teachers in understanding the curricular goals and realizing them through meaningful classroom transaction in tune with the innate abilities of the children. The SCERT AP Hyderabad has appreciated the efforts of the members of the textbook development committee in developing this material for the benefit of the Trainee Teachers.

B.Ed and D.Ed Resource Books for Trainee Teachers

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B.Ed Resource Books



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B. Ed. Resource Books
Subject Telugu Medium English Medium
Telugu BEd_Telugu
Hindi BEd_Hindi
English BEd_English
Mathematics BEd_Matths_TM BEd Mat 
Physical Science BEd_Physics_TM BEd Phy
Bio. Science BEd_Bio.Science_TM BEd Bio
Social Studies BEd_Social Studies_TM BEd SS

D. Ed. Resource Books
Subject Telugu Medium English Medium
Telugu DEd_Telugu
English DEd_English
Mathematics DEd_Maths_TM DEd_Maths_EM
Textbooks - TEXTBOOKS
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