TS School Academic Calendars 2017-2018 for PS/UPS/High Schools

Rc.77: Telangana State School Academic Calendars 2017-2018 for TS Schools,  TS Primary School Academic Calendar 2017-2018,   TS UP School Academic Calendar 2017-2018, TS High School Academic Calendar 2017-2018,  Instructions and Guidelines for Teachers on School Academic Calendars 2017-2018

TS School Academic Calendars 2017-2018
The Commissioner and Director of School Education Telangana State has issued a proceedings for forwarding School Academic Calender of Primary and Upper Primary/ High School to all the TS Schools. These school calendars are prepared in Hard and Soft Copies and submitted  by Telangana state SCERT as per new school timings. In this regarding C and DSE has informed to all the DEOs and RJDs to follow the School Academic Calender strictly. In this certain instructions have been issued primary teachers and UP and High School Teachers separately.

School Education Department, Telangana state has given instructions and guidelines for school teachers on teaching in Primary, Upper Primary and High School in the state. In this subject "the extent of the measures to be taken by teachers in this academic year. School teachers should take special care to provide quality education" according to Commissioner of Department of Education.

As Per the Orders of Our DSE,Telangana Lr Dis.No.77/3.9.2014 and as per 2014-15 School Accademic Calender of TELANGANA State

TS School Academic Calendar 2018:
A. Examinations Schedule:
FA 1 : By 31.07.2017
FA 2 : By 19.09.2017
SA 1 : 23.10.2017 to 28.10.2017
FA 3 : By 30.11.2017
FA 4 : By 31.01.2018 for SSC and 28.02.2018 for Classes Ito IX
SA 2 : 02.04.2018 to 09.04.2018
Pre-final for Class X: Before 28.02.2018.

B. School Calendar Dates And Schedule
1. New Academic year starts from 12.06.2017 and closed on 12-04-2018
2. Dasara Holidays: 20.09.2017 to 04.10.2017 — 15 days
3. Christmas Holidays for Missionary Schools: 24.12.2017 to 28.12.2017 — 5 days
4. Sankranthi Holidays other than Missionary Schools: 12.01.2018 to 16.01.2018 — 5 days
5. Ending of syllabus: 12-04-2018(28-02-2018)
6. Last working day: The last day of working of Academic Year 2017-18 is 12/04/2018
7. Schools Re-Opening: 01-06-2018 for 2018-2019

C. *School Complex meetings PS/UPS/HS(06):
*July, August, September, November, January , February

1. 9:30 AM TO 4:45 PM High School (HS)
2. 9:00 AM TO 4:15 PM Upper Primary
3. 9:00 AM TO 4:00 PM Primary Schools

Summer Holidays Starts From :- 13-04-2018
Re-Opening Schools :- 01/06/2018

School Academic Calendars for 2017-18:
TS Schools New Academic Calendar Programmes,Activities Schedule 2017-2018

1. Proceedings Rc.No.77, Dated: 03-09-2014 For School Academic Calendar 2014-2015 :Download
2. GO.No.3 New School Timings for all PS, UP and High Schools: Download
3. New School Time Table and Subject-wise Periods Allotment: Downlaod
4. School Academic Activities for 2014-15 in TS : Downlaod
5. 'Special Days Celebration' Calendar 2014-15 : Downlaod
6. Download New Co-curricular subject Teacher Hand Books : Downlaod


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