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CCE New Software
Nowadays, Our teachers mostly use smartphones and computers. C.C.E software support to smartphones also, but when they install WPS Office app from play store to enter and edit data.
I have seen this software, it is very nice and useful to teachers for giving gradings to children. It is use for tow test information like summative and formative assessment and use for School Monitoring Format and it gives annul result also, descriptive indicators(వివరణాత్మక సూచికలు) which is use for fill cumulative record, although we use these software, we fill C.C.E Pupil's Grading Register, Cumulative Record.  This software prepared based on C.C.E Pupil's Grading Register. It is very use to fill C.C.E Pupil's Grading Register and cumulative records. Here we are providing use full software for teachers.

How to Use CCE Software
  1. First Download the software by click on the given below link.
  2. After open this file and save as with name of the file you wish to save it by save as option of this work sheet.
  3. Later enter your school details in the prescribed fields on first excel work sheet like Name of the school, Village, Mandal, Test Name: Formative or Summative
  4. If you intend to enter your class work sheet, that particular class work sheet will be opened as CCE TEST WISE REGISTER 2014-2015. In this work sheet you can see the maximum marks of each subject and 1,2,3,4,5,6 numbers columns. These numbers denote as items or academic standards.

We can use the following tools in the formative assessment
  • 1. Children's participation and responses
  • 2. Written Items
  • 3. Project Works
  • 4. Slip Test

  1. Academic Standards: Academic standards should be used summative assessment. Each subject have different standards.
  2. More details are available in the software. This software was prepared by R.V.L.Ganapthi Rao. If you have any doubts on this software, feeel free to contact him.
  3. Once again thank you Ganapathi Rao gaaru..All The Best to you.
For 2016-2017
CCE SOFTWARE For 6th,7th,8th Classes
CCE SOFTWARE for 1st - 5th Classes)

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