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Mahabubngar-Ranga Reddy-Hyderabad and Warangal-Khammam-Nalgonda Graduates, Enrolment/Inclusion of Name of Names in Graduates' Constituency, TS Legislative Council Roll, Download Form 18 Application.

Revision of Electoral Rolls of Telangana State Legislative Council Graduates'
The Election Commission of India has decided to undertake the Revision of Electoral Rolls of Mahabubngar-Ranga Reddy-Hyderabad and Warangal-Khammam-Nalgonda Graduates' Constituencies with reference to 01.11.2014 as the qualifying date in Telangana State and ordered for revision of electoral rolls in the above said Constituencies in accordance with the below given schedule. All the Teachers and Graduates of the Mahabubnagar, Ranga Reddy, Hyderabad, Warangal, Khammam and Nalgonda Districts are requested to enroll your name in the Graduates MLC Electorolls, who are completed their graduation on or before 1-11-2011 in form no. 18. Required proofs are Graduation Certificate,passport photograph and EPIC card with Gazetted signature.

The eligibility of a person for enrolment in a Graduates' Constituency is to be determined having regard to provisions of Sections 27 (3) (a). 27 (5) (a) and 27 (6) of the Representation of the People Act 1950. Accordingly, a person who has been, for at least three years before the qualifying date (01.11.2014), been either a graduate of any University in the territory of India or has been in possession of equivalent qualifications specified under clause (a) of sub-section (3) of Section 27 of Representation of the People Act, 1950 by the State Government as qualifications which shall be deemed to be equivalent to that of a graduate of a University in the territory of India vide G.O.Ms.No.536, G.A.(Elecs.F) Dept., dt.28.09.2006, G.O.Ms.No.22, G.A.(Elecs.E) Dept., dt.17.01.2011 and is ordinarily resident in the respective Graduates' constituency is entitled to be registered as an elector in the Graduates' Constituency. The claim application for inclusion in the roll of a Graduates' constituency shall be made in Form 18 along with the Photograph and details of EPIC number (Voter 10) of Assembly Constituency.

Enrolment Your Name in electoral roll of Graduates' Constituency
1. In pursuance of rule 31 (3) of the Registration of Electors Rules, 1960 each of the Elec­toral Registration Officers whose particulars appear in the First Schedule below hereby calls upon every person entitled to be registered but whose name is not registered in the electoral roll of the aforesaid Graduates' Constituency as published as draft on 25th November 2014 to send to or deliver at his office, on or before, 16th December 2014, an application in Form 18 appended to the Registration of Electors Rules, 1960 (reproduced in the Second Schedule below) to such officers whose particulars appear in the First Schedule has been given. Any objections /corrections to an existing entry of the draft roll can also be filed in the prescribed manner.

2. The applications may also be sent to the Assistant Electoral Registration Officers/Des­ignated Officers whose particulars are shown in the First Schedule. Applications can also be filed online at http://www.ceotelangana.nic.in

3. Qualifications
Every person who is a citizen of India, is ordinarily resident in the con­stituency and has for at least 3 years before 1st November 2014 been either a Grad­ uate of a University in the territory of India or in possession of an equivalent qualification is eligible to be included in the electoral roll. The list of the said equivalent qualifications is available with the officers mentioned in the First Schedule below. The period of 3 years shall be computed from the date on which the result of the qualifying degree ex­ amination was declared and published by the University or other authority concerned.

4. Required Documents for Evidence
The application in Form 18 (annexed at SECOND SCHEDULE) must be duly supported by anyone of the following forms of documentary evidence in all cases:1. Nmae, 2. Voter Id.No.(Epic No.), 3. Mobile No., 4. Passport Size Photo, 5. Date of Birth, 6. Attested Degree or Diploma Certificate, 7. Full details and 8. Occupation etc.,

  1.  The degree/diploma certificate in original granted by the University or Institution concerned or any copy thereof duly authenticated (after due verification of the same from the originals) by (i) any of the Additional Designated Officers, who is of the rank of :- (a) Tehsildars; (b) Principals of the Govt. Degree Colleges/Inter Colleges; (c) Principals of the Govt. Girls Degree Colleges /Inter Colleges; (d) Joint Block Development Officers of all Blocks; and (e) Executive Officers (Gazetted) of Nagar Palikas/Nagar Panchayats. ; (ii) All the Gazetted Officers of the District concerned and (iii) The Booth Level Officers appointed by the Commission for the respective Assembly Constituency polling station area (iv)Notary Public.
  2.  A copy of an entry in the Government record or a certificate issued to a Graduate employee by the Gazetted Head of Offices, in the prescribed format which is re­ produced as THIRD SCHEDULE below, on the basis of entries in Government records in his custody or a copy of an entry in the record of the Statutory Body, Corporation or Public Undertaking specifying the degree, diploma or certificate possessed by the claimant duly attested by the Head of the office concerned; or
  3.  An attested copy of the card of registration as registered Graduate issued by the University, a certified copy of the relevant entry in the list of registered Graduates' the Roll of Advocate, the register of Medical Practitioners, the register of Chartered Accountants, the register of Engineers maintained by Institute of Engineers etc.; or
  4.  An affidavit by the claimant supported by a certificate from the Registrar of the Uni­ versity, or the Principal of a College affiliated to any University or from the Head of the Department of such College under whom he had studied, or
  5.  The mark sheet in original granted by the university or Institution concerned or any copy thereof duly authenticated by the Additional Desiqnated Officer/Gazetted Of­ ficer of the District concerned /BLO of the polling station area concerned/Notary Public, provided that there is clear indication there that claimant has passed the concerned examination.

5. How to Apply
The eligible persons should apply for enrolment of their names in the prescribed Form 18 along with supported documents listed in para 4 above, as per the procedure given below:
  1.  In case where the applications are sent by post to the ERO/AERO/Designated Officer, the applicant has to enclose with his application, a copy of his degree/diploma certificate/mark sheet duly authenticated by the Additional Designated
  2.  document duly attested/authenticated by the Additional Designated Officer/Gazetted Officer of the concerned District BLO of the polling station area concerned/Notary Public.

(6) Any application where the above procedure is not followed will be summarily rejected by the ERO as incomplete.

(7) Applications in bulk whether submitted in person or by post, shall not be considered for inclusion by the ERO. However, the Head of the Institutions may forward the appli­ cations of all the employees working under them. One member/heads of the families of a family may also submit the Form 18 along with the supporting documents of other members of the same family staying with him in the said address and may get the cer­ tificate verified by producing original certificates in respect of each member.

(8) It should be noted that any person who makes a statement or declaration in the application which is false and which he either knows or believes to be false, or does not believe to be true will be punishable under section 31 of the Representation of People Act, 1950.

(9) Printed applications in Form 18 may be obtained from the Offices of ERO/AEROs/Des­ignated Officers. Manuscript, typewritten, cyclostyled or privately printed/downloaded forms will also be accepted.

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