How to Fill Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam (Scheme) Online Application Form

Telangana Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam (Scheme), How to fill the KLP Scheme Online Application Form, Procedure for KLP Application and Processing details,

The government of Telangana State had introduced new scheme, that is called Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam (Scheme) to help for SC, ST Brides. The government had issued separate guidelines and Procedure for application and processing. through G.O.Ms.No.14 on this scheme. The Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam for extending financial assistance of Rs.1,00,116/- to each unmarried girl belonging to SC /ST at the time of marriage residing in Telangana State.

Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam
Unfortunately, the general feeling of many even now, is that, the girl child is bane to their family. In several Dalits and Girijan families unable to get the girl child married, they resort to sell them immediately after their birth. Realizing this harsh fact, the Telangana State government has decided to provide financial assistance of Rs. 51, 000 to the family of girl child to perform their marriage and named the scheme as “Kalyanalaxmi”. Nowhere in India such a scheme is in existence. One should feel proud for introducing such a scheme in Telangana. This reduces burden on the Girijan and Dalits families. In this regarding Telangana Government has issues a order for Partial modification on “Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam”.

Eligibility for Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam
A unmarried girl belonging to
a)SC/ST community.
b)Resident of Telangana State.
c)Completed 18years of age at the time of marriage.
d)wedding of the SC/ST girl should be on or after October 2nd, 2014.
e)Income of parents should not exceed Rs2,00,000 per annum.

Required Documents/Certificates
The following certificates shall be submitted:
1.Date of birth – Issued by the competent authority.
2. Caste Certificate – Issued by the Competent authority.
3. Income Certificate (the certificate shall be latest and shall not be older than 6 months from the date of marriage).
4. Aadhaar card of the bride and bride groom to be scanned and uploaded (if available)
5. A scanned copy of the first page of Bank Pass Book (Saving Account) containing the photo of the bride and the account details in the name of the bride.
6. Wedding Card (if available).
7. The following documents/certificates shall be submitted where the wedding has been performed or after the wedding: Letter by the Gram Panchayat/Church/Mosque/any other authority/ institution which has performed the marriage.
How to Apply for Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam (KLP)
Applicant shall apply online for the Telangana Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam by accessing the website at the following site: through any MEESEVA Center or may submit their application directly at the Tahsildar Office. So please follow the steps
1. First visit the ePass Official Website
2. And search for Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam Image and click on it, the Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam 3. Application form will be opened in an another tab of your browser. In this Online Application form had been divided into four sections i.e., 1. Bride particulars, 2. Bridegroom Particulars, 3. Details of the marriage and 3. Uploads the required document section.

4. Now fillup the following details of Bride in the section of Bride Particulars:
A. Bride Particulars
I. Details of the BrideII. Income Certificate Details:III. Caste Certificate Details:VI.Bride Bank Account Details:
SSC Details AvailabilityMEE SEVA No.MEE SEVA No.(Caste Certificate)Account Holders Name
Name of the brideApplicant NameApplicant NameSelect District:
Name of the fatherFather NameFather NameSelect Bank
Date of birthDistrictDistrictBank IFSC Code/Branch Name
UID (Aadhar) Number.MandalMandalBank Account NO:
Educational qualificationMRO NameMRO Name
Phone NumberTotal IncomeCaste
CasteIV. Permanent AddressV. Present Address

B. Bride Groom Particulars
Details of the bride groom: In this section fillup the following details of the bride groom
  • SSC Details Available
  • Name of the bride groom
  • Name of the father
  • Date of birth
  • UID (Aadhar) No.:
  • Educational qualification
  • Religion
  • Caste
  • Sub-caste
  • Family Income(Per Annum):
  • Details of the Marriage

C. Details of the Marriage
In this section, should provide the following details of the Marriage
  1. Date of marriage
  2. Place of marriage(Name of the temple/Kalyana Mandapam/any other institution):
  3. Address of marriage place

Please upload the following files of the marriage details. These files should have Jpg/Ipeg format
  1. Bride's Photo
  2. Age proof certificate
  3. Bride's Scanned Aadhar Copy
  4. Bride Groom's Scanned Aadhar Copy
  5. Scanned Bank pass book

After, Please Enter the code in the image and click on the submit button, take the print of further reference.

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