Post-Matric Scholarships-Verification Procedure using Aadhaar Online Authentication

Post-Matric Scholarships New Verification Procedure using Aadhaar online authentication

Verification Procedure using Aadhaar Online Authentication
Post-Matric Scholarships in Andhra Pradesh are being granted to students only after each student has been verified by the College and again verified independently by the Verification Officer appointed by the District Collector.  An analysis of the verification process during the last three academic years has revealed that the process of scholarships is considerably delayed due to the manual verification process by Verification Officers which are partly due to administrative reasons and partly deliberate. In some instances, the verification process has become perfunctory and has also lead to undesirable practices.

Government of India have provided the facility of a Unique identification of individuals through the Aadhaar card. Under the scheme each individual in the Country can secure an Aadhaar card, which has a Unique ID and biometrics. With a view to enable timely and automated disbursal of scholarships, the facility of the Aadhaar card is proposed to be used for disbursal through the Aadhaar Payment Bridge and the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System. Under the new procedure, each student must have an Aadhaar card. If they do not have, they must secure an Aadhaar card at the earliest. Students with an Aadhaar card will be given scholarships upon online authentication. Students without a card can be disbursed scholarships only after physical verification. With a view to avoid errors in entry of Aadhaar cards, Welfare Officers have been given a detailed procedure for verification of Aadhaar card through the RASF website vide reference third cited. Welfare Officers have also been asked to confirm the Bank Account numbers online and keep the list ready to be pushed to the College management’s for the purpose of verification and authentication.

As the registrations for this has been based on the Aadhaar number issued by UIDAI, it is proposed to utilize the online Aadhaar authentication system in lieu of physical verification of students. Aadhaar is a unique number given to an individual by the UIDAI. An online authentication by the student from the college will be sufficient to know if he is studying in the college. Later, biometric attendance on a random basis or for each payment release can also be directed to the college managements.

The following detailed guidelines for verification shall be applicable in respect of disbursements. guidelines for the online verification through Aadhaar authentications are issued as follows.

1. Preliminary Verification of the data by the Welfare Officers:
a. Soon after the completion of the registrations, the welfare officers concerned shall undertake two major tasks before pushing the data to the Colleges for verification of documents:
i. Verify the Aadhaar number on the RASF portal
ii. Verify the Bank Account number
For the above two activities, detailed instructions have already been issued vide reference third cited.
b. Verification of students shall be done using the Aadhaar authentication system as far as possible, no physical verification will be done except in certain extraordinary cases where connectivity impedes the process of online verification.
c. Soon after the Welfare Officer completes verification of Aadhaar numbers and bank accounts, the applications shall be ready for authentication at the college level.

2. Verification process through online authentication by the College:
  1.  Each College shall designate the Principal or the authorized officer for carrying out the authentication process. They shall have an Aadhaar number, which they shall furnish for registration of the authentication process. Persons other than those who have been authorized will be unable to carry out the process of authentication. All Principals or authorized officers of the college shall have an Aadhaar number.
  2.  The Principal or authorized representative shall also register online and upload his photograph and UIDAI certificate.
  3.  The Principal or the authorized representative will have to authenticate using his Aadhaar card number to login to the ePASS server each time he plans to undertake online authentication of students using the Aadhar card.
  4.  Each student shall be verified and authentication done for each student online using finger authentication on a biometric device. The College managements shall verify all aspects of the application form such as Date of Birth, SSC ID Number, Income Certificate, Caste Certificate and Aadhaar Number and update the details on the ePASS website. If they do not update, the student cannot do the authentication online.
  5.  The Principal or authorized officers shall check that the bank account number entered is correct after verifying the hard copy. Only if it is correct should he permit the student to do authentication online.
3. Biometric Authentication using the Aadhaar number:
  1.  To undertake authentication, each College will have to procure a biometric device, which shall have a GPRS and connected to the internet and which meets the UIDAI specifications.
  2.  Details of the UIDAI specifications can be viewed at
  3.  Biometric devices could be with a point of sale device or a finger authentication device. Managements should ensure that the device to be procured is already integrated with the ePASS system. Managements are advised not to procure biometric devices which have not been integrated with the ePASS.
  4.  To enable the authentication process, the Social Welfare department has developed an app for ePASS application. The managements can download this app available on the ePASS website at Once loaded on the biometric device, the system is ready to undertake biometric authentication.
  5.  Each student will be first asked to enter his ePASS id, the biometric device automatically pulls the Aadhaar number which has already been verified and confirmed. The student is prompted to place his finger on the biometric reader for online authentication.
  6.  To ensure that finger authentication is done accurately, each student is advised to undergo the best finger detection as given below:
  7. The Best Finger Detection is undertaken only once to know the best finger that is suited for authentication on the biometric device. BFD is done, by taking biometric impressions of all the fingers in a hand to decide the best finger that gives the most accurate results. This is one time exercise and need not be repeated again and again. g. The student shall affix the Best Finger Detected on the Bio-Metric Device and authenticate his identity. The authentication is done on the UIDAI server.
  8.  Only after the student completes the authentication, the Principal or authorized representative can print the application form. Till the above process is completed no application form can be printed from the system.
  9.  Each application form shall have a bar code, which is used by the Welfare Officer for retrieving the applications from the ePASS server for sanctioning a scholarship.

4. Forwarding of applications to the Welfare Departments:
a. The College Principal or his authorized representative shall have the required certificates such as income certificate, the caste certificate and marks memo as required.
b. After the authentication of application has been completed the Principal shall make booklets and application forms for each department and submit it to the Welfare Department for sanction of scholarship.

5. Procedure by the Welfare Officers for sanctioning of scholarship for all applications:
  1.  All Welfare Officers must procure a bar code scanner. A one dimension bar code scanner will suffice.
  2.  No application will be viewed on the screen unless retrieved using the bar code of an application (hard copy). The Welfare Officers shall scan the application forms of students as submitted by the college, to retrieve an application for disbursing scholarships on the ePASS server. The earlier practice of selecting students at random will no longer be available.
  3.  After scanning of all the application forms the Welfare Officers can proceed to sanction the scholarships. The default sanction for an application is set to sanction the MTF first. Only after submitting the MTF bills to the treasury and obtaining the TBR number/ token number can welfare officers sanction RTF.
  4.  Welfare Officers can sanction RTF only for candidates whose MTF has been sanctioned. This is with a view that large students are benefited by the timely release of funds for their monthly maintenance.

All Welfare Officers are requested to give adequate publicity in the district with all college managements. They are directed to strictly adhere to the above guidelines in respect of disbursements in future. Any deviations to the above guidelines will be severely viewed and entail disciplinary action on the concerned.

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    Sir,I m here to convey u that I failed in my BFD(best finger detection) authentication. So,in order to forward my application what is the procedure authentication and could u tell me the solution sir 6 months tray biometric bit no use Aadhar card biometric update no use please help sir. application. 201501375810 SSC :0934108282 databirth:05/05/1993 contact.:9949615589 please help sir

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