D.Ed TTC DIET Colleges List in Kurnool Dist. for DEECET Counselling


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S.NoCollege CodeCollege NameDistrictCourseCapacity
214113002Al Madina Elementary Teacher Education Institution, Near Zama Masjid, Mungalapadu (V&P) KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
314113003Ameena College of Education, Khasara No.28/852-E2- 2/S.No.403/1A. Street No.28th Ward, Nandyal (T,P&M), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
414113004Ankala Reddy Memorial Teacher Training Course, Allagadda, KURNOOLKURNOOLTELUGU50
514113005Bharathi College of Diploma in Education, Nandyal, KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
614113006BVR College of Teacher Training, Plot.No.429, Street.No.429, Gadivemulu (V&P), Gadivemulu (Town & M) KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
714113007Cattamanchi Ramalinga Reddy D.Ed College, Khasara No.1, Land Title 8752/2011, Plot.No.5-3, Dinnedevarapadu (V), B. Camp Post, KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
814113008Dr. Ramalingareddy D.El.Ed College, Plot.No.226, Street No.7-6- 64, Allagadda (Town & P), Allagadda (M), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
914113009Dr.K.V.Subba Reddy D.Ed. College, Dupadu (V), Lakshmipuram (P), Kallur (M), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
1014113010G.M. College of Diploma in Education, No.25/417-C2, Nandyal, KURNOOLKURNOOLTELUGU50
1114113011Geethanjali College of D.Ed Sy.No.746/B1, 747/1A3, Plot.No.5 & 6, 50th War Street, KURNOOL Town, B. Camp (P), KURNOOL (M), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
1214113012Gnana Saraswathi College of Diploma in Education (D.El.Ed) Plot.No.1-67-26, Banaganapalli (V&M) and Post KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
1314113013Iqbal D.Ed College, Khasara No.31/9, Nayakallu (V&P), Kullur Mandal, KURNOOL (T), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
1414113014JVRR Elementary Teacher Education, Lakshmipuram Gram Panchayat Railway Station Road, Nandyal, KURNOOL dist.KURNOOLTELUGU50
1614113015K.Iqbal D.ED College, Khasara No.629/1C, Rudravaram (V&P), KURNOOL (M), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
1714113016KMD Iqbal D.Ed College, Khasara No.34, Peddapadu Village and Post, KURNOOL (Town & M), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
1814113017Little Flower College of Diploma in Elementary Education, Khasara/Plot No.487, 487/2A, 487/2B, 487/2C, Street No.1, Ayyaluru (V), Ponnapuram (Post), Nandyal (M&Town) KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
1914113018Madina DIET College, Khasara No.93/ 1B2 & 92/1B, Morusuchanu, 6-148A, Street No.6, Brahmanakotkur(V&P), Nandikotkur(M), KURNOOL Disrict-518432KURNOOLTELUGU50
2014113019Mohammed Pasha D.Ed College, Parthasarathi Nagar, B. Camp Post, Kallur (M), KURNOOL CityKURNOOLTELUGU50
2114113020Naik College of Eduction, Sy.No.49/A, 50, 62,63, NH-7, Dupudu (V) lakshmipuram (P)Kalur (M) KURNOOL dist.KURNOOLTELUGU50
2214113021Nalanda Teacher Training Institute, No.1/1396, HBS Colony, Yemmiganur, Adoni Revenue Division, KURNOOL District 518360KURNOOLTELUGU50
2314113022National D.Ed College, Pedda Tekur (V), Ullindakonda (P), Kallur (M), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
2414113023National Teacher Training Institute, Plot.No.211A, 1st Street, Adoni (V), AAS College Adoni Post, Adoni (Tq & City), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
2514113024Prabhath D.Ed College, Khasara No. 268 & 270, Parnapally (V&P), Bandi Atmakur (M), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
2614113025Praveen Bhanu D.Ed College, Khasra No.8-7-137/1, Saddam colony Street, Allagadda (V&P), Allagadda (M), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
2714113026Raghava Ram D.Ed., college K.No.208, Guduru Road, Kodumur (VP&M) KURNOOLKURNOOLTELUGU50
2814113027Sai Sree College of Diploma in Education, Nehru Nagar, Dhone (V), KURNOOLKURNOOLTELUGU50
3014113028SAS D.El.Ed. College, Plot.No.7-83, Near Church Street, Brahmanakotkur (V&P), Nandikotkur (M), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
3114113029Satyam D.Ed., college, No.348 & 555, 1st street, Pyalakurthy (V&P) Kodumur (M) KURNOOLKURNOOLTELUGU50
3214113030Shantiniketan D.Ed College, Depudu, Lakshmipuram Gram Panchayat, Kallur (M), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU100
3314113031Sharada D.Ed College, Plot / Khasara No.1182, Street No. NH 18 Road, Nannur (V&P), Orvakal (M), KURNOOL District -KURNOOLTELUGU50
3414113032Siddartha College of D.EL.ED, K.No.177/1, Plot.No.10-138-35, 10th Street, Dhone (V,P&M), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
3514113033Smt. Theresa Institute of Teacher Education, Khasara No.34/1, Pasupula village, B-Camp, KURNOOL (M), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
3614113034SPG College of Education, Plot No.679A, 679B, Mission Compound, Nandyal (T), Nandyal(M), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
3714113035SRC D.Ed College, Plot.No. 906, 908/2, Street No. 46 1, N-1, KURNOOL (Town, P & M), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
3814113036Sree Lakshmi Institute of Elementary Teacher Education, Plot No.71/2, Banaganapally (M), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
3914113037Sree Lakshminarasimha D.ED., College Plot No.417, Kolimigundla (V&M), KURNOOLKURNOOLTELUGU50
4014113038Sree Sai College of Education (D.El.ED), Opp:Brahmagarimattam, Pagidyaala 27-Block, Nandikotkur, KURNOOLKURNOOLTELUGU50
4114113039Sri Gayathri College of Diploma in Elementary Education, Plot.No.1/5941/596, Kvaripally Street, Dharmavaram (V&P), Dhone (M), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
4214113040Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara D.Ed College, Plot No.264/1, Alagadda (Town & M), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
4314113041Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara D.ED.College, D.No.1-47-1, Byreddynagar, Mamidalapadu, Stantanpuram Panchayat, KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
4514113042Sri Raghavendra College of Diploma in Education, Plot No.1336, Maruthi Estate-2, NH-18, Nannur (V&P) Oravakal (M) KURNOOL cityKURNOOLTELUGU50
4614113043Sri Raghavendra College of Diploma in Education, Yemmiganur, KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU100
4714113044Sri Raghavendra College of Diploma in Education,No.2-5- 104,Sathram Street, Allagadda, KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
4814113045Sri Ramachandra D.El.Ed College, Khasara No.67/C1, Plot.No. 3- 140/1, Pamulapadu (V&P), Pamulapadu (M), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
4914113046Sri Sankaras D.Ed College, Khasara No.87, Plot.No.1368,Maruthi Nagar, B Camp Post, KURNOOL City and Taluk, KURNOOL District 518002KURNOOLTELUGU50
5014113047Sri Venkateswara D.Ed College, Khasara No.751 & 843/1, Garib Nagar, Atmakur (V&P), Atmakur (M), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
5114113048Sumourya College of Eduction, Plot No.180/1,2 NH-18, B.Thandrapadu (V&P) KURNOOL districtKURNOOLTELUGU50
5214113049Tagore D.ED College, Gudur Road, Kodumur (V&P), Kodumur (M&Town), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU100
5314113050Tarakaram college of Diploma in Education, Near Chapirevula Road, Beside Electricity Sub Station, Plot No. 4-22-1, Street No.4, Rythunagar Juridiction, Nandyal (V), Nandyal (P&M), KURNOOLKURNOOLTELUGU50
5414113051Varaprasad Rao D.Ed College, Khasara / Plot.No.375/B2B, Panchalingala (V), KURNOOL (P&Tq), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
5514113052Vijayaniketan D.Ed., College, Khasara No.1241, Plot No. 3-206/1, Panyam (V&P) KURNOOL districtKURNOOLTELUGU50
5614113053Viswavani College of diploma in Education, Atmakur Road, KURNOOLKURNOOLTELUGU50
5714113054Zohars College of Diploma in Ele. Education, Plot No.327/2A and 164/2, KURNOOL Road, Udumalpuram (V) Nandyal Rs Lsg So (P) Nandyal (town &M) KURNOOLKURNOOLTELUGU50
5914113055Zubeda College of Education, Khasara No.2-405-Z-22/S.No.480, 2ND Ward, Nandyal (V&P), Nandyal (M&T), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
6014113056Aksharasree College of Diploma in Education, No. 245A2& 245A, Plot NO. 4/343/12/2, Ramajairoad Street, Adoni(Town & Mandal), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
6114113057Viswashanthi D.Ed College, Plot No.240/2, Sri Balaji Nagar, Allagadda, 518543- KURNOOL districtKURNOOLTELUGU50
6214113058G.S.R. D.Ed College, Chinthakuntla (V), Koilakuntla (P&M), KURNOOL - 518134KURNOOLTELUGU50
6314113059Roja D.EL.ED College, Khasara No.926, Main Raod, Koilkuntla (V, P&M), KURNOOL DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
6414113060Sri Sai Prathibha Educational Society (D.Ed) Sy.No.239, Land title. 1145/2011, 18th ward, Pattikonda (V&P) KurnoolKURNOOLTELUGU50
6514113061Sai Prathibha D.El.Ed. College, Sy.No.153, Prathibha Gardens, Behind Maruthi Mega City, Nandyal Road, Kurnool DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
6614113062Sainath Ram D.ED College, Plot No.6/5, Street No.12, Kariveena (V), Atmakur (P&T&M), Kurnool DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50
6714113063Gayathri College of D.Ed 3-1, Pedda Banda Road, Nandyal (V&M), Kurnool DistrictKURNOOLTELUGU50

DEd Colleges lists in Kurnool,  List of D.Ed Colleges of Kurnool, List TTC/DIET Colleges in Kurnool, D.El.Ed Colleges list, Teacher Training Institutes in Kurnool, List of College Education, List of D.Ed Colleges for DEECET Web Counselling. Fire Safety D.Ed Colleges, Recognised D.Ed Colleges. No.of seats in each D.Ed College

For Counselling DEECET 2018:
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List of Govt and Private D.Ed Colleges 2018-2019:
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