Telangana DSC: Teacher Posts Vacancies for Teachers Recruitment

Present Teacher Posts Vacancies in Telangana for DSC 2017

"ATTENTION PLEASE" See the below table those who are interested to write #TSDSC 2017 i.e Teacher Recruitment Test. This is the vacancy list of teachers in different districts in Telangana. The Present Teacher Posts Vacancies in Telangana State for Telangana DSC 2017, according to the Education Department . Now you can have a clear idea after observing  below vacancies. Those who are eagerly waiting for DSC just think a while and proceed. How much it is favourable to prepare only for DSC(District Selection Committee)?.

Tentative Teacher Posts Vacancy Position in Telangana State
Telangana DSC 2017,TS DSC,Teacher Posts Vacancies in Telangana State

Before Rationalisation Teacher Posts Vacancies
DistrictSanctioned PostsNo.of WorkingPresent VacanciesNeedAdditional postsAdditionally will be Sanctioned
As, it is not final vacancy list, this tentative. The list may confirm after rationalization in summer, that may be final list. After rationalization the remained candidates will be adjusted in "KG TO PG" schools where these schools are going to start very prestigeourly by our honourable C M. GO.6 Norms for rationalization of Schools, Posts and Staff in Telangana State

As we know these are more vacancies these are going to fill by rationalization. According to officials these are 10,000 excess posts than necessary. Telangaana Govt. to be introduced English Medium in all govt. schools

State Government decided to bring "KG TO PG-Free and Compulsory Education Scheme" in to existence from 2016-17 academic year. After rationalization there will be 10,000 excess posts. This rationalization will be on the basis, if P.S have less than 19 and U.P.S have less than 75 will be merge in nearest school. And in the remained posts more are S.A's and pandits. But if we observe SGT posts they should recruit 2,823 with in four districts. But remaining 6 districts these are 6,017 excess posts.

After Rationalisaion Teacher Posts Vacancies
TS teacher Posts vacancies after Teachers Transfers and Rationalisation as on 29/10/2015
DistrictNo.of SchoolsNo.of StudentsTotal PostsWorking TeachersVacancies

As, KG TO PG-Free and Compulsory Education Scheme or mega project is going to be launched in 2016-17 academic year. These schools are going to launch in every mandal in Telangana. Each school may consists of 3,000-4,000 children. Where the recruitments base on the children, for 1,000 students 34 posts are necessary to teach them. According to above statistics in our state, for 445 mandals 44,500 members are necessary. After rationalization the excess posts will adjust in these schools according to their qualification and for remaining the notification will be released on the basis of vacancy position after rationalization.

Warangal Present Teachers Posts Vacancies for DSC 2016

After observing this now we have a clear idea that is these is no DSC for this year. The DSC notification may release this year ending or next year. So, there is no DSC for this year.

So, plan your year and prepare for another posts also. If you are clear and stable at your achievement of teacher job you can wait till next year or you can choose other option choice is yours.

Think, Think, Think come out with an intelligent thought that may change your life.
Note: TS DSC Official Schedule will be announced soon and after placed at

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