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As we are living in a society we bother about our neighbours we hare happy and sad moments of our life with them. Caring, bothering is in our culture. "purity" and innocence are the images of our people of Telagana.

New Web Portal for New Telangana State Telangana State Portal, Web Portal, New Official Website, Telangana State Government Official Website is going to start and it is functioning under IT supervision and designing with international standards, features. Welcome to Telangana State Portal, Telangana govt portal gets a new look
To know the greatness and importance of our culture is essential for everyone. Not only having the knowledge of History but also make to know for further generations. Most of them do not have the hobby, interest of reading books about culture. They cannot spend much time in that aspect.
As internet is ruling this  creative world, it is the correct option to choose that ideas, culture, history, health schemes, beneficial schemes, public services and other important information of Telangana to reach the people.

The Telangaan State government, which is giving top antecedence to online medium to disseminate its schemes and activities, has given a new look to government portal with more added features. Telangana state Government official Website is going to start with in a week. For temporary usage website is functioning under 'IT' supervision. So, Information Technology Department designed the new website ‘Telangana State Portal’ in accordance with national guidelines for government sites.

This website is designing with international standards and with different special features that a common man can also login in to this website to know relevant information. It has special features, so that even differently-abled people can access contents of the website. Initially the English version of the portal is being launched. Likewise, Telugu and Urdu versions of the portal will be designed and launched in the coming weeks.

The government web portal contains extensive information about the State History, Culture, Customs and all other important statistics. They are going to give special identity for the states prestigious schemes Mission Kakatiya, Drinking Water Grid etc. They are going to link up with other information and  It also has links to important citizen services besides facility to download application forms.. Information given through newspaper, pictures, videos released by government will be available in this website. This is going to be special featured website, and it is going to launch with in a week said Haripreeth Singh (IT Secretary).

By this website, we may know about our culture, heritage, customs important statistics. Real Beneficiars of different schemes. Functioning of schemes information released by government. There is no need to search here and there. More Articles

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