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Telangana Education Dept. Online Lessons Web Portal

If we have any doubt about any word’s meaning, we refer dictionary. This is very common but if we are in teaching profession, before teaching first well prepare and plan for teaching but now the text books have been changed and question to answer method also gone only topic oriented teaching is in progress that means teacher explains and give complete knowledge of particular topic and student should be able to answer the question given in any angle.

For Example, Teacher explains rotation?/Give reasons of/difference between rotation & revolution? Etc., Teaching process may not continue in one angle because now the generation is too fast and the question from the student may be in any angle and some times teacher may be fail to answer the students question. If teacher want to rectify  student’s doubt, there is no proper channel to clarify doubt and any new method of teaching particular topic he/she can not share  with all other teachers at a time for sharing and gaining knowledge. So, Telangana State education department going to introduce “Telangana open learning resources” by a webportal using Digital India programme.

In this separate web portal, we can get the lesson and its related information. Subject wise Online Platforms are also to be placed in this web portal. It may be come in to use from next academic year in different levels. This is useful to students for learning easily and useful to teachers for teaching effectively, easily by using this system.

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The lessons in all subjects for both media will be digitalized and available in online by using animation pictures wherever necessary. By this it will be easy to teacher and pupil. This will be arranged in SCERT / education department.

Another site for clarifying students doubts by teachers, this will be started subject experts. Sharing good from one school to other either it may learning method/teaching/questioning/field work or what ever else.

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Connecting schools and sharing teaching learning process unknown to known and making progress is this programme’s main aim. In the part of digitalisation, computarisation of schools which helps for continuous teacher  training. 4,000 schools already had computers and rest of 1,000 high schools didn’t have and some problems are also facing. Education department is trying to rectify raised problems.

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#Telangana Open Learning Resources, Online Lessons Education Web Portal

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