Cheraku Keshava Reddy's 10th PRC Software 2015 Full Version for AP Telangana Employees

Cheraku Keshava Reddy's 10th PRC Software 2015: PRC 2015 Fixation Software(Non Promotion) Trial Version Prepared By Keshavareddy

Instructions for using Software:
1. This software is prepared by CHERAKU KESHAVA REDDY, working as a secondary Grade teacher at MPPS, TENUGUPALLY, SRIRAMPUR MANDAL, KARIMNAGAR DIST.

2. This software is not only useful for the employees of EDUCATION DEPARTMENT; it is also useful for all the employees of TELANGANA state.

3. This PRC 2015 software is prepared on the recommendations of the 10th PRC commission.
(i) A fitment benefit of 43% was given for fixing the pay in the Revised Pay Scales, 2015 as against the fitment benefit of 29% recommended by the Tenth Pay Revision Commission. The Dearness Allowance of 63.344% as on 01-07-2013 will be merged in the pay as recommended by PRC.
(ii) The Revised Pay Scales will be implemented notionally from 01.07.2013 with monetary benefit from 02.06.2014.(orders will be issued soon)
(iii) The benefit of the Revised Pay Scales 2015 will be paid in cash for the salary of March, 2015 payable in April, 2015.
4. This is full version, a trial version software has been removed from here, so please check with experts before you submit the bill to DDO/STO.

5. Use DATA sheet to enter your details. Fill all the details and press save button before you see the bill.
6. This is compatible only with MS-OFFICE excel 2007.
7. Use a fresh copy of this software for every bill you prepare, don’t copy or paste the prepared bill if any.
8. If you found any errors, feel free to Give your feedback over phone or mail. (This is a trial version, full version will be available after the release of all the GO’s )

#Latest PRC Software for Appointed after option date: Download

10th PRC Software 2015  for Revised Pay Scales Fixation
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1Cheraku Keshava Reddy's 10th PRC Software Full Version 2015 NewDownload
2PRC 2015 Pension Fixation Software and Pension Calculator NewDownload
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  1. GOs of Addl.Quantum pension & Medical allowence are still to be issue, almost all TS. PRC Serving employees GOs have been issued, except Pensioners. Pensioners are a weak community, no body bother to care them, RTC emploees was awarded un claimed fitment, but We pensioners are unable to get benefits that wad recommended by PRC.,hoping to get cheer by end end of month.