Submit Telangana Online Teachers Particulars@ Child Info Website

Submit Telangana Online Teachers Particulars at Child Info Website

#Teachers Profile Website: Submit Online Teachers particulars at Child Info Website: All Primary School, Upper Primary School, High School Head Masters and teachers should update their teacher profile on site  Username: welcomets  Password: test@123. should update the data by 23rd of this month with required documents Aadhar card, Employee Id, Health card, Professional education, academic education and medium. So, All the teachers should fill the their particulars and details in the Teachers online particular form at Child Info Website.

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As per the Proceedinngs Rc.No. 1335, dated:17-07-2018 (Updating of Teachers Data in Child Info Website). All the Teachers should update your "Teachers Data" in the Child Info Website (Teachers Data Entry Website) viewing the circumstances of fresh shuffling and Transfers of Teachers in the Telangana State.

Please Remember the Date:
The Last date for Teachers Data Updation at Child Info Website: ....

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For More Information On tihs .... Please use this link..

Every Teacher must submit his personal details through Online and submit printed copy to the concerned DEO through DDO by ....

Teachers Online Particulars Form Details:
A. First visit the Child info Website and Log in with
username: welcomets  and
password: test@123 .
Then A New Web page will be appeared. In this page we can see the three links of forms like
1. Click here to enter Particulars of Teachers Posts & Enrollment of Children online particulars form
2. Click here to enter Particulars of Teachers online particular form**
3. Click here to Print preview and Print**

B. Now click on the 2nd link, then Teachers online particular form will be opened  with url address  In this form teacher should fill the his working school information,  employee details, Service Details, Inter District Transfer Details, Academic Qualifications, Professional Qualification and Salary Details.

Working School Information:
1Name of the District: 3Name of the School: 
2Name of the Mandal: 4Date of Joining in the Present School : 

Details of the Teacher/Employee
1Health Card Number :11Native District as per SB:
2Aadhaar Number(12 digits): 12Email ID:
3Employee Treasury ID (7 Digits):13Local Status (As per 4th to 10th Study Certificate Or As per Service Book) :  
4Name of the Employee :14If you are belongs to Non-Local, Mention District :
5Surname:15Category of PHC :
6Father's Name :16Percentage of PHC :
7Gender:17Other than District's  trainings :
8Date of Birth : 18Awards at Level:
9Caste:19If any others extra curricular activities :
10Mobile No:
(10 Digits)

Service Details of the Employee :
1Date of First Appointment :7Date of absorbtion in Regular Post :
2First Appointment Cadre :  8Date of Ist Appointment as Spl.V.V :
3Medium of the Post You are Appointed:9DSC Details :
4Management of the Ist Appointment :  10Year of DSC :
5Date of Joining in Present Post :11Rank in DSC :
6Present Designation :  12

Inter District Transfered (IDT) Information:
1. whether Transferred under IDT :
2. If yes metion Date :
3. from which District :

SSC or Equivalent :
SSC Or Equivalent (*)Medium :Month & Year of Pass

Intermediate or Equivalent :
Intermediate Or Equivalent (*)Medium :Month & Year of Pass
Option 1Option 2Option 3

Academic Qualifications :
ADegree Medium :BB. PG Particualrs
1Month and Year of Pass :1PG:
2Option 12Medium :
3Option 23Month and Year of Pass :
4Option 34Subject :
5Univerisity :5Percentage of Marks :
6University :

Professional Qualifications :
AHPT/TPT Particulars course in HPT/TPT:BTTC/D.Ed particulars
1Subject : 1DED/TTC:
2Month & Year of Pass:2Medium:
3Board/University :3Month & Year of Pass:
4Board/University :

CB.Ed., Qualifications :DAdditional B.Ed., Particualrs
1B.Ed.,:1Additional B.Ed.,:
2Medium :2Medium :
3Month & Year Pass:3Month & Year of Pass :
4Method 1 4Method  :
5Method 25University :
6University :

EM.Ed.,/M.Pd ParticularsFDepartment Test Particulars:
1M.Ed.,/M.Pd.,:1EOT (Y/N):
2Medium : 2Month & Year of Pass :
3Month & Year of Pass :3GOT (Y/N):
4% of Marks : 4Month & Year of Pass :
5University :

Salary Details: Get the Online Salary Details

Scale of Pay :
Basic Pay  :D.A.,HRA
CCA :IRSpl Pay
FP/PPHM allowancePHC all/PP
TG IncrementOthers
Total DeductionsGross EarningsNet Amount

Medical,Surender Reiumbersment Leave,Half Pay Leave and Earned Leave Details
Medical reiumbersmentSurendarLeaveHalf Pay LeaveEarned Leave
ClaimedAmountClaimed Month & YearDaysTotal CreditedBalanceTotal CreditedBalance

#Download the Child info Website Teachers Profile Form
#Download Online Teacher Profile Model online image
#How to Edit Your Online Teachers Data at SSA Child Info website

Last date for submit of Teachers Particulars at Child Info Website: 02-08-2018

1Status of Aadhaar uploading still not successful at district and mrc per instructions of SPD sir
2MEOs, HMs,Teachers are requested to upload the teacher info and cadre strength particulars on or beforeThe welcomets user will be inactivated
3The Edit option to update Teacher Particulars is uploaded.SURNAME and HEALTH CARD fields are made it optional.

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1. Click here to Enter Teachers' Particulars on Online Teacher Particulars form (Link )
2. Click here to Teachers Particulars Form Print preview and Print (Link )

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  1. thank you for giving detailed information about how to enter teacher particulars in child info web site.

    1. I dont have any User name and Password.I tried to login as specified in the above information.But it is showing invalid credentials.
      Please tell me how to get the Username and Password details.

    2. Namsthe Sir...
      Telangangana Education Department Officials given below password and username to all Employees..
      USRE NAME: welcomets
      PASS WORD: welcome@1
      after entering the above username and pass word, then enter the verification code in code field after click submit button..


    1. Namasthe Sir..
      DSC 2001 ki sambandinchi Fixation Matters Post Chesaamu ee websitelo..
      So, please use search box with type your " DSC 2001"

  3. i submited all the details but i do not get any pdf or form

  4. after entering in SSA dashboard open aytundi... tarwata childinfo tab lo ki velthe right side lo login adgutundi... akkada username:welcomets and password:welcome@1 ani type cheste invalid creditianals ani vastundi.... how to get teachers particulars application directly.. pls help...