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AP 10th PRC 2015 46, 47, 48, 49 GOs and Related GO's | AP RPS 2015 information

AP PRC 2015 GO.46, GO.47, GO.48, GO.49 - AP 10th PRC 2015 GO's and  Andhra Pradesh RPS 2015 information: AP 10th PRC 2015 all GO's information, AP tenth RPS 2015 all GO's Information, download the AP PRC 2015 GO's, Pensioners PRC 2015 GO's, AP PRC GO’s will be issued today: AP Employees and Pensioners are waiting for release of G.O's, the AP government is going to release the new PRC 2015 today onwards for implementation of 10th PRC 2015 recommendations for ap govt. staff and retired staff. AP government took decision to give 43 per cent fitment, Govt. Orders could not be issued due to some reasons. However, the government has decided in cabinet meeting for release of PRC GO's.

The AP government clearly specified the mode of payment of arrears. After announcement of 43 per cent fitment to government staff, PRC Arrears would be added into GPF accounts,
the Minimum pay will be fixed at Rs 13,000., the revision of pay would come into effect from July 1, 2013 notionally and with monetary benefit from June 2, 2014. AP Govt. will release the G.O’s regarding Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, City Compensatory Allowance. Other allowances, automatic advancement schemes, pensioners and pensionary benefits. 

#Telangana 10th PRC 2015 All GO's Information New

The main points of prc 2015:
1. Master scales from Rs.13000/ - Rs.10850 with revised salaries will continue with 80 segments and 32 Grades. 63.344 DA availed up to July 1st, 2013 will add in their scale.
2. IR 27% up to 01.06.2014 will not be taken back by govt. IR From June 2nd 2014 will be adjusted from our benefits.
3. GO's of employees of High court will be released separately for Telangana and AP.
4. Employees in grade between 1 - 32 are eligible for stagnation increments.
5. Employee can do their pay fixation from the date of 01-07-2013. If they benefited more by adding next increment they can do like that also. But the increment date should not exceed 30th June 2014.

#AP 10th PRC 2015 All GO's Information New

The following subject GO's will be released:
1. AP RPS 2015 - Recommendation of the Tenth Pay Revision Commission- AP GO.46
2. Reduction of DA From Central to State Ratio in AP PRC 2015 - AP GO.47
3. HRA House Rent Allowances in AP RPS 2015- AP GO.48
4. CCA City Compensatory Allowances Rates - AP GO.49
5. Consolidated Pension Revision for AP Pensioners, Family Pensioners
6. House Building Advance Enhanced to Govt.Employees
7. AAS/Automatic Advancement Scheme Implementation Guidelines
8. 2015 Loans and Advances,Other Advances to AP Govt. Staff
9. Additional HRA to AP Employees
10. Special Pays to Typists/Stenographers, Typist-cum-Assistants in Secretariat
11. APGLI Scheme New Slab Rates and Monthly Premiums deductions
12. PRC Arrears
13. Child Care Leave, Maternity Leave and Other CCLs
14. PHC Allowances

AP10th PRC 2015 G.O's
1#GO.46Main AP PRC GO.46 - Revised Pay Scales - New ScalesGet Information
1#GO.46AP PRC Rules 2015 - Pay Fixation Principles in RPC 2015Get Information
2#GO.47Reduction of DA in AP PRC 2015Get Information
3#GO.48GO.48 New HRA Rates in AP PRC 2015Get Information
4#GO.49GO.49 New CCA Rates in AP PRC 2015Get Information
5#GO.51 Consolidated Pension Revision for Pensioners,
 Family Pensioners in AP RPS 2015
Get Information
6GO. House Building Advance Enhanced to State Govt.EmployeesGet Information
7GO. AAS/Automatic Advancement Scheme Implementation GuidelinesGet Information
8GO. Loans and Advances- Other Advances to State Govt. Employees
(Motor Car Advance, Motor Cycle/ Scooter,
Moped  Advance,Bicycle Advance,
Marriage Advance, Personal Computer Advance,
Festival Advance,Special  Festival Advance,
Education Advance,)
Get Information
9GO. Additional HRA to AP EmployeesGet Information
10GO.Special Pays to AP EmployeesGet Information
11GO.APGLI New Slab Rates Monthly Premium DeductionsGet Information
12GO. AAS/Automatic Advancement Scheme Implementation GuidelinesGet Information
13 ##Pay Fixation IllustrationGet Information
14GO.45 AP CFMS Employees Data Updation Instructions to DDOsGet Information
15GO.45PRC 2015 Online Pay Fixation at APCFMS PortalGet Information
16#10th PRC 2015 Pay Fixation SoftwareGet Information
17# AP PRC 2015 related informationGet Info

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  1. I (M.GIRI) was promoted as Superintendent on 23-04-2014 placing on minimum pay scale of Rs. 14860-00 of RPS' 2010. I request you kindly clarify am i not benefited with 43% fitment granted by the Govt., my officials are saying you will be placed on minimum pay of Rs. 28,940-00 as per the Schedule-I enclosed with G.O.No. 46, dated 30-04-2015