AP Teachers Transfers 2017 Guidelines-Telugu Guidelines

AP Teachers Transfers 2017: AP Teachers Transfers Guidelines Download Teachers Transfers Telugu Guidelines: Transfer which are memorable mile stone for employees. It is a part of job and it will play a prominent role to an employee to do his/her work more efficiently. Due to many reasons an employee have to stay/live in different areas/places to fulfill their needs, they may be education, medical facilities etc. To reach the school destination an employee have to stay/live in different areas/places to fulfill their needs, they may be education, medical facilities etc. To reach the working place destination an employee should suffer a lot.

So, these transfers help them to make some relaxed. Now, it is the time for transfers and a note for transfers have been received to finance dept from CM office. These transfers may be held in the process of counselling from May 1st to 31st.  After transfer process will be started.

AP Teachers Transfers 2017 Guidelines

Guidelines for Transfers by Finance Department
1. Minimum service of an employee should be 2 years at present working place.
2. Teachers of 8 years service at same school should be transfer and PGHMs of 5 years at same school should be transfer.
3. 20% of employees of same cadre are permitted to transfer.
4. Priority Given to long standing employees.
5. Next/second priority to employees working at tribal areas.
6. Efficient employee will be given priority.
7. Priority for 40% or above 40%  PHC employees.
8. Priority for employees those whose children are mentally retarded.
9. One can avail the facility of transfer in the case of spouse.
10. Transfers for better administration should be done after verifying the reasons.
11. Employees can be transferred from focal to focal, non – focal to non – focal, non – focal to focal posts.
12. Compassionate employees should also permitted to participate in counselling.
13. Employee should relieve within a week from the date of transfer.
14. Officials should verify whether the personal reasons are correct?
15. Seniority should be preferred while counselling the transfers of employees.
16. Transfer should be released separately of different departments.
17. Stay will continue on transfers from June 1st.
Download the Teachers Transfers Telugu Guidelines PDF File(Old)

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AP Teachers Transfers 2017 Guidelines, Norms, Rules

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