How To Edit, Update Your Online Teachers Data at SSA Child Info website in Telangana

How To Edit, Update Your Online Teachers Data at SSA Child Info website in Telangana: Online Teachers info Records Website - How to edit your Teachers Data at SSA Child Info website: Commissioner and Director of School Education has instructed to all DEO's in Telangana State that, collect the teacher's information from all the districts to prepare online teachers information and prepare teacher's online service register.

  1. How To Edit, Update Your Online Teachers Data at SSA Child Info website in Telangana
  2. Online Teachers Data Entry 2018 through Online Teachers Profarma
  3. Submit Telangana Online Teachers Particulars @ Child Info Website

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TS Teachers Data Entry in Child Info Website:
As per the Proceedinngs Rc.No. 1335, dated:17-07-2018 ((Updating of Teachers Data in Child Info Website), all the Teachers should update your Teachers Data in the Child Info Website (Teachers Data Entry Website) viewing the circumstances of fresh shuffling and Transfers of Teachers in the Telangana State.  The Last date for Teachers Data Updation at Child Info Website: ..

#Submit Teachers Particulars at SSA Child Info website
#Download the Teachers Data Online Application Form in PDF

In this child info teachers data website, If you made any mistakes while entering your particulars on website teachers particulars online proforma, you can also edit your teachers data with these following steps: #TeachersBadi.In Website

How to Edit Your Online Teachers Data
Step 1. Firstly Login SSA Child info website  by entering url addres in your browser.

Step 2. Then, child info teachers data website will be opened.

Step 3. Now, enter your
username: welcomets and
password: test@123 and
enter the verification code in the required field.Then  click on the submit button.

Step 4. A New page will be opened,  in this we can see three links. like
Link 1. Click here to enter Particulars of Teachers Posts & Enrollment of Children online particulars form
Link 2. Click here to enter Particulars of Teachers online particular form
Link 3. Click here to Print preview and Print

Step 5. Then,  Click on 2nd link i.e Click here to enter Particulars of Teachers Online particulars form. In

Step 6. Then, "1. Employee Id:   2. Acknowledgement Id: " web page will be appeared.
In this page, you can enter your "Employee Id" then your Acknowledgement Id's will be shown to you.

Step 7. After,  Select your Acknowledgement Id from drop down, then your data will be displayed.
Following details should be upadated by the User........
Working School Information :
Details of the Employee (*):
BC Caste Type
BC Sub Caste Category
BC Sub Caste
Native District as per SB (*) : Email ID (*)
Local Status (As per 4th to 10th Study Certificate Or As per Service Book) (*) :
Service Details of the Employee :
DSC Details (*):
Inter DistrictTrasnfered(IDT) Information
SSC or Equivalent
Intermediate or Equivalent
Academic Qualifications :
PG Particualrs
Professional Qualifications :
TTC/D.Ed particulars
B.Ed., Qualifications :
Additional B.Ed., Particualrs
M.Ed.,/M.Pd Particulars
Department Test Particulars
Salary Details
Medical,Surender Reiumbersment Leave,Half Pay Leave and Earned Leave Details

Step 8. Now you can edit your data and submit it after you can also take printout.

All the teachers are requested that, please enter the data carefully.

How to see your data at child info web site:
Step 1. First go with 3rd link i.e Click here to print preview and print.

Step 2. Then, "Search for School/Teacher info Records by entering the Acknowledgement Number" web page will be appeared. In this page, you can enter your Acknowledgement Number which you received.

Step 3. . After, click on search button. Don't Click on the RESET button.

Step 4. Now you can see your data and you can also take printout.

1. Flash..
Good news to teachers, Edit option has been enbled at child info website for teachers. RESET button has been provided now by the officials. #TeachersBadi.In Website
2. C and DSE assured to rectify all the technical problems in the online teachers data entry form @  i.e. modifications in absorption Date column in case of Aided teachrs, Additional PG entry option, surrender, medical reimbursement columns , etc.,
3. Online submission Last date is.......
Edit Option Enabled now at Teachers Data Website:
Presently TS Online Teachers particulars editing option available and now it is possible to edit the teachers data form in the Child Info website. So, if any mistake is done while entering the teachers data, teachers have to edit their details with use of edit option. The final copy with no errors will be submitted to the concerned your authorities.
1. Click here to Enter Teachers' Particulars on Online Teacher Particulars form (Link )
2. Click here to Teachers Particulars Form Print preview and Print (Link )
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