Telangana I to X Class New Text Books and Telangana Lessons in TS Schools

Telangana I to X Class  New Text Books printing started - Now Telangana lessons in telangana schools from next academic year : As everything changed due to separation of Telugu state, to know the importance of separation of states and the telangana movement and those who fought in this movement those who sacrificed their lives. It is essential. Also our Telangana leaders, poets, great people are beyond the screen. So, it is a plan of action to get them on screen and make to know us of themselves.

So, Textbooks are the best choice to make to know, where every student, todays, tomorrow’s citizen will understand and make knowledge of our Telangana’s great people. I Class to X Class Telugu lessons are partially changed. 6th class to 9th class Social studies syllabus wherever necessary is changed. This Telangana syllabus will include telangana movement, KCR hunger struke, Sakala janula samme,  great fighters like Chakali Ilamma, Komuram Bheem etc., Professor Jayashankar history, Telangana’s geographical history, mission kakatiya, Telangana poets.

TSSCERT Telangana New School Syllabus,Curriculum,Text Books for Class I-X
Telangana New Textbooks reflect Telangana Movement, History and Culture

In this syllabus telangana movement will be as a lesson. Where there is importance Andhra History or whatever belonging to AP will be remained same. Books will give clear idea which discusses about each and everything. As a part of Nizam’s ruling will be criticized but it will explain the good and bad of their ruling. Everything will be meaningful and gives knowledge to students. According to OSD Deshapathi Srinivas, Sri Ramachary suggestions the books will be printed.

These will be implemented from next academic year 2015-2016. Mr. KCR our CM agreed and given green signal on these books after revising the changes made by CM earlier. Already unchanged books are printing and these changed books will be printed with in few days.

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