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Telangana Teachers Rationalisation,Transfers,Promotions Counselling in this Summer

Telangana Teachers Transfers Guidelines: Transfer, it is the part of a job. It is a Primary and essential to choose the working place according to the facility of employee. Transfer and rationalization are very important to teachers and schools. Because a teacher may work in D category school where transport facilities are poor. That teacher have a choice to choose a school according to that teacher's choice in transfer counselling. Rationalization is that adjustment of teachers where the teachers are excess will move to the needy school where the teachers are necessary.

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Since 2 years in our Telangana state rationalization, transfer, promotion counselling did not held. So, education department made all preparations to the counselling but waiting for the government acceptance. If once the government gives green signal school education department will release the notification, guidelines, schedule.

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As Government Order 6 -  Schools, Posts and Staff  Rationalisation Norms released in September, 2014 only that schools where the strength below 19 in Primary Schools,  High Schools below 75 will merge in near by schools. So, there is a situation where 4000 school will be closed. So, that posts will be cancelled.

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So, government decided to do teachers rationalization. So, this process of transfers, rationalization, promotion schedule may start by the end of this month and it may have clarity with in a few days.

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