2 Year English Medium D.Ed/D.El.Ed Course in Telangana for KG to PG Schools

2 Year English Medium D.Ed Course/D.El.Ed Course/TTC Course will be started in Telangana State: The Diploma in Elementary Education course is two year Pre Service Elementary Teacher Training Course in 23 Government DIETs and about 650 Private Elementary Teacher Training Institutions in Both States of AP and Telangana. This course aims to imbue future teachers with commitment, competencies, professional skills ans values capable of building a Human, Healthy and Learning Society. This course to make the teacher trainees emotionally and intellectually competent to discharge heir duties effectively and efficiently.

Importance of D.El.Ed Course:
Teaching is a profession and teacher education is a process of professional preparation of teachers. Preparing one for a profession is an arduous task and it involves action from multiple fronts and perspectives. Pre-service teacher training has a major role to play in making a good teacher. It marks the initiation of the novice entrant to the calling of teaching profession and as such has tremendous potential to imbue the would-be teacher with the aspirations, knowledge-base, repertoire of pedagogic capacities and humane attitude.

Education plays a vital role in the development of a nation. Primary Education is the base for further education is the base for further education of the individual. The quality of education chiefly depends on the quality of teacher education program through which they were prepared.

2 Year English Medium D.Ed Course will be started in Telangana:
As we are expecting changes in education system, many changes are going take place. The first steps of changes have been already started. As this process is continuous. In this process the another step is D.El.Ed. Course in English medium where this helps the candidates who takes part in the prestigious program "KG to PG Schools". Now these students are tomorrow's teachers those whose approach towards their students will be easier. The teaching learning process will be meaningful where they can communicate easily, freely and comfortably.

Till now we have only B.Ed in English medium now on wards we can get D.El.Ed. in English Medium also. This may start from the next academic year i.e. 2015-2016, where "KG to PG" is going to start from 2016-2017 academic year.

As recently education dept discussed with S.C.E.R.T. Professors, Lecturers on required changes in D.El.Ed syllabus.

The new subjects are Understanding and personality development, Proficiency in English, Early child care education, Inclusive education and School culture & leadership. The methodologies in first year will be on the teaching lessons for 1st & 2nd classes. In Second year methodologies will be on teaching for 3rd to 5th classes. In second year only we can opt any subjects to teach for 6th to 8th classes.

The fallowing are the changes in each subject 60% for Written test 40% Internals include Projects, Assignments and Teaching practice. 11 papers in first year, 14 papers in second year where 2 years carries 2,400 marks

So, guys be alert and make use of this opportunity.

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  1. sir.....
    d.ei.ed ee year nunde na.....2015-2017 d.ed course gurinchi cheppandi sir.......
    syllbus maarindata kada...
    last year 10 papers kada present
    accademic year lo yenni papers sir.....
    and english mediam aa

  2. kg to pg kosam ee year nunche start aa sir....

  3. Last time 1st year 5 papers and 2nd year 5 papers kada mari ee year yenni papers undabotunnay

  4. sir where is d.ed college for english mediun students..if it has started let ys knw pls we dnt wan mis the opportunity

  5. d.ed through english medium started or not sir pks reply

  6. sir plz infrm is dr d.ed fr english medium students pls reply

  7. Pls inform i dnt knw telugu n urdu is d.ed fr english medium students..date is running so pls reply fast