JNV Selection Test 2019, Navodaya Entrance Exam dates, NVS Schedule 2019

JNV Selection Test 2019, Navodaya Entrance Exam dates, NVS Schedule 2019-2020

Navodaya Entrance Exam date 2019: NVS Exam date, JNV Selection Test 2018 schedule for Navodaya Entrance Exam 2018 for admission into Navodaya Schools.Navodaya Vidyalaya Samithi, Ministry Human Resource Development, Department of School Education and Literacy has given the Activity Schedule in April for Conduct of JNV Selection Test 2018 for Class VI admissions to the Deputy Commissioner, NVS, All Regional Offices and all the Principals, JNVs.

JNV Selection Test 2018 schedule,Navodaya Entrance Exam Schedule 2018,JNVST schedule 2018

నవోదయ ప్రవేశాల ప్రకటనలో జాప్యం:
1. దేశవ్యాప్తంగా ఉన్న జవహర్‌ నవోదయ విద్యాలయాల్లో ఆరో తరగతి ప్రవేశ పరీక్షల ప్రకటన ఇప్పటివరకు విడుదల కాలేదు.
2. గతంలో ఎన్నడూలేని విధంగా జాప్యం కొనసాగుతోంది.
3. దీంతో ప్రవేశ పరీక్షలకు సిద్ధమవుతున్న బాలలు, వారి తల్లిదండ్రులు ఆందోళన చెందుతున్నారు.
4. ఈ ప్రవేశాల కోసం లక్షల్లో విద్యార్థులు పోటీ పడతారు.
5. సాధారణంగా జులైలో లేదంటే ఆగస్టులో ప్రకటన విడుదల చేస్తారు. ఈ ఏడాది సెప్టెంబరు ముగుస్తున్నా ప్రకటన రాలేదు.
6. ఆన్‌లైన్‌లో పరీక్ష నిర్వహిస్తున్నందున కొంత జాప్యం జరుగుతోందని సంబంధిత వర్గాలు తెలిపాయి.
7. తమిళనాడు మినహా దేశవ్యాప్తంగా 626 జవహర్‌ నవోదయ విద్యాలయాలు పనిచేస్తున్నాయి. ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్‌లో 15, తెలంగాణలో తొమ్మిది విద్యాలయాలు ఉన్నాయి. ఈ విద్యాలయాల్లో బాలబాలికలకు వేర్వేరుగా వసతిగృహాలు ఉంటాయి.
8. స్వయంప్రతిపత్తి గల జవహర్‌ నవోదయ విద్యాలయాలు కేంద్ర మానవవనరుల శాఖ ఆధ్వర్యంలో నడుస్తున్నాయి.
9. పాఠశాలల్లో 75 శాతం సీట్లను గ్రామీణ విద్యార్థులకు కేటాయిస్తారు. దేశంలోని వాతావరణ పరిస్థితుల ప్రకారం ప్రవేశ పరీక్షలను మూడు విడతలుగా నిర్వహిస్తున్నా ప్రకటన మాత్రం ఒకేసారి విడుదలవుతుంది.

Navodaya Entrance Exam Date:
JNVST 2018 Examination to be held on 18.07.2018.
The Navodaya Entrance Exam date: July 15th, 2018

Phase II Navodaya Entrance Exam Date: July 15, 2018:
Conduct of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test-2018 in all Phase II JNVs (Summer,Winter& Extreme Winter bound JNVs) on July 15, 2018:  Navodaya 6th class entrance exam date, Admit Cards /Hall tickets 2018 download: Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test-2018 (Phase-2) in respect of the following Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas will be conducted on 15th July 2018 :
1. District Tarn Taran (Punjab)
2. District Chamba (Himachal Pradesh) – for Pangi Block
3. District Jaunpur (Uttar Pradesh)
4. District Dhanbad (Jharkhand)
5. District Katihar (Bihar)
6. District South Dinajpur (West Bengal)

Arrangement will be made to download the admit cards by the candidates from the website of NVS – www.nvshq.org. Candidates may contact Principal of JNV concerned and collect Admit Cards, in case of difficulty.

Notification Regarding Postponement of Conduct of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test 2018: Notification regarding postponement of conduct of JNVST-2018 in summer bound JNVs: - The date of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test for admission of students to Class VI  for the session 2018-19  was notified as 10th February 2018, 8th April 2018 and 9th June 2018 in respect of Summer Bound, Winter Bound and Extreme Winter Bound Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas respectively. It is notified that due to administrative reasons, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test 2018 for Summer Bound JNVs  is postponed and JNVST will be conducted together for all Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas in one go(21-04-2018).  All the candidates are advised to note the same. The date of JNVST-2018 will be notified shortly.

Notification regarding postponement of conduct of JNVST-2018 in summer bound JNVs (PDF File)
@@@@@@ ###### *******

Navodaya Entrance Exam date:: Nearly 5 lakh more students have registered for admission to #NavodayaVidyalayas this year due to introduction of simplified one-page application form & online registration system, transforming education. As many as 27 lakh aspirants have registered for #NavodayaVidyalayas admission test for VIth standard to be conducted on Febraury 10, 2018 for Aacademic Year 2018-19 as compared to 22.5 lakh last year. This reflects the growing quest for #QualityEducation in rural India.

#NavodayaVidyalayas have around 45000 seats in 623 schools spread over 601 districts across States. #NavodayaVidyalayas provide free #QualityEducation with Boarding & Lodging for students from rural India. #NavodayaVidyalayas students have been making impressive performance in various competitive exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, etc. #NavodayaVidyalayas have also produced alumnis in almost all fields, including Civil Servants, Engineers, Doctors, CAs, Entrepreneurs, etc

Navodaya Entance Exam Schedule:
Navodaya Entrance Exam Date: April 21st, 2018
C and DSE Telangana - Rc.No.213, Dated:11-10-2017, Sub: School Education - Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas - Entance Examination is Scheduled to be held on 10th February 2018, 8th April 2018 and 9th June 2018 - Reg. :: Ref: Government memo no.7633/SE.Prg.II/Al/2017, Dated.09.10.2017.

While enclosing a copy of the Government memo along with its enclosures vide reference cited, the Regional Joint Director of School Education, Hyderabad & Warangal /all the District Educational Officers /Mandal Educational Officers/Head Master in the State are requested to give adequate publicity for the online application for the examination and encourage the children to seek admission in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas in class VI so as to enrok~foore·: ho of students particularly Girls, SC, ST and Minority children for admission :to class VI for the ensuing Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test (JNVST) and take necessary action and furnish action taken report in the matter imrnediately.

Online application of Navodaya Entrance exam:
In order to ensure transparency the process of admission has been simplified and applications for JNVST 2018 has been made online, in collaboration with Common Service Centers (CSC) of Ministry of IT, Govt. of India, CSC have their centres located in more than 2.6 lakh locations covering almost all village areas. In the process of collection of application form, CSCs will be assisting the candidates/Parents to upload their details by charging a service charge of Rs.35/-.

Navodaya Entrance exam admit cards:
They will also assist downloading and printing of the admit cards for test with a service charge of Rs.10/. This will minimize the hardships of the parents and time taken for processing the applications. Further due to the digital process, accurate information will be collected from the applicants.

Online applying Last date for JNVST 2018:
Last date of submission of application forms is 25th November 2017. This will be followed by individual confirmation and intimation of further steps through mobile to all the parents. The detailed prospectus is attached for your kind perusal. As per simplified procedure, a certificate regarding their age, eligibility, residence, in the given format, have to be uploaded after due authentication of Headmaster / Principal of the School, wherein student is studying in Class Vat present.

Navodaya Entrance exam Dates/Navodaya Entrance exam Date has been postponed:
Admission to JNVs is made at the level of Class VI on the basis of a test conducted on All India basis. For admission of students in Class VI for academic session 2018-19, entrance examination is scheduled to be held on 10th February, 2018, 8th April 2018 and 9th June, 2018 for summer bound, winter bound and extreme winter bound JNVs respectively.

While NVS is making all efforts to give adequate publicity to this examination, your support and cooperation in disseminating about NVS and the entrance examination would be of immense help. I have advised the regional Deputy Commissioner to apprise you of the same personally.

Kindly issue instructions to District officials including District Education Officers and Head Masters of all Primary Schools to give adequate publicity for this online application for the Navodaya Entrance examination and encourage the children to seek admission in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas in Class VI. This will help in enrolling more students, particularly girls, SC, ST & minority children for admission to Class- VI for the ensumg Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test (JNVST).
Navodaya Entrance Exam Date : April 21st, 2018

Main Activity Schedule for the Conduct of JNV Selection Test 2018-2019:
1. Translation/Printing/Dispatch of Prospectus-Cum- Application Form, Posters of NVST, Hand Bills, Script for Radio/TV Announcement, Material for insertion in National /Regional and Local Newspapers
2. Distribution of Prospectus-cum-Application Forms
3. Last date for receipt of filled Application Forms at BEOs Office: 02-12-2017

An Autonomous Organisation under Ministry of Human Resource Development
Department of School Education & Literacy, Government of India

Navodaya Vidayalaya Samiti notified for admission process for admission to class VI in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas through JNVST-2018 for the session 2018-19. Registration of students is in progress through online & offline mode. Last date to apply for JNVST 2018 is extended up to 2nd December 2017 (Saturday). Last date for submission of JNVST-2018 Class VI admission application both by online and offline has been extended up to

4. Entrance Exam Date:
Navodaya Entrance Exam Date: April 21st, 2018
a) Summer Bound JNVs -AP and Telangana etc.,..
b) For Winter Bound JNVs
c) For Extreme Winter Bound JNVs}
5. Declaration of results:
a) for Summer Bound JNVs
b) for Winter
c) for Extreme Winter Bound JNVs

6. Completion of Admission Process
a) 31st May 2018 for Summer Bound JNVs
b) 30th June 2018 for Winter
c) 15th July 2018 for Extreme Winter Bound JNVs

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Navodaya Entrance Exam Date:
Navodaya Entrance Exam on April 21, 2018


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