SA 1/Quarterly,SA 2/Half Yearly Exams Schedule, Term Holidays for Telangana Schools

SA 1/Quarterly,SA 2/Half Yearly Exams Schedule, Term Holidays for Telangana Schools

Telangana School Academic Calendar 2015-2016, TS Schools Academic Calendar 2015-2016, Academic Activities, School Reopening date, Quarterly Exams, Half Yearly Exams, SA1, SA2, SA3 Exams Time Table, Telangana Schools Term Holidays, First term holidays (Dasera), Christmas holidays (for Christian minority schools), Second term holidays (Sankranthi), Summer vacation

SA 1/Quarterly,SA 2/Half Yearly Exams Schedule, Term Holidays for Telangana Schools
Alternatively the dates for quarterly and half yearly have been discussed to hold before the Dasera and Sankranthi festivals i.e. during October and January as given here under.

SA1 (quarterly) : 03.10.2015 to 09.10.2015
SA 2 (half yearly) : 07.03.2016 to 14.03.2016(As per the new academic calendar)
#TS SA 2 Exams Schedule 2016

However, if we follow the above timetable, the exam dates followed by vacation results in no working days during October and January for classroom transaction. Therefore, the timetable for the exams as shown in the table will be followed.

2. Term Holidays
12.10.2015 to 26.10.2015 : First term holidays (Dasera)
24.12.2015 to 30.12.2015 : Christmas holidays (for Christian minority schools)
11.01.2016 to 17.01.2016 : Second term holidays (Sankranthi)
24.04.2016 to 11.06.2016 : Summer vacation

3. New syllabus for the academic year 2016-17 : 16.03.2016 to 23.04.2016

Rational for starting the next year syllabus from March last week onwards:
In order to value the answer scripts and declare results, the annual examinations are pre-poned and conducted in the first week of April, 2015. In this regard, meaningful engagement of the children after exams i.e. for the period 10th to 23rd April is become an issue and majority Head Masters and private school managements complained that children do not come if we do not engage properly.

Starting the next year syllabus for a period of one month before closing of schools for summer vacation enable children to read the books, doing the projects in the summer vacation. This helps the children to acquaint children with next year syllabus.  Children will meaningfully engaged and full attendance may be expected we start next year syllabus.

The first Formative work i.e. projects, written assignments, book reading and review etc. may be completed by the students during summer vacation.

All the CBSE school are following this pattern of starting the next year syllabus during March and April. They conduct annual exams and declare results before second week of March of every year and start new syllabus from third week of March onwards.

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