Telangana State Resource Persons(RPs) Recruitment 2016 Notification

Subject wise Good and Committed RPs Recruitment 2016 Notification for Primary and High Schools from each District/ Telangana Resource Persons(RPs) Recruitment 2016 Notification: The Telangana State Director of School Education has given proceedings rc. 419 to all the RJDSEs in the State and all the DEOs in the State for identification of good and committed Resource Persons for Primary and High Schools by the DEOs. In this regarding detailed guidelines and procedure have been issued to the above said persons for identification and selection of Resource Persons. This Notification details as follows...

Post Details:
Post Name: Resource Persons(RPs)
A.  RPs for Primary:
The Resource Persons may be identified from among SGTs and LFL HMs working in Primary Schools. The RPs in the subjects i.e. Maths, English and EVS subjects, they must possess subject background in the concerned subjects.

@1 per Mandal@1 per Mandal@1 per Mandal@1 per Mandal

B. RPs for High Schools:
In identifying the RPs for High Schools, equal representation must be given to the Divisions.

S.NoTeluguHindiEnglishMathsPhysical ScienceBiological ScienceSocial Studies

C. RPs for Urdu Medium Schools:
The Resource Persons may be identified from among School Assistants, Head Masters of High Schools and Pandits/ School Assistants in case of language subjects.
SchoolUrduMathsPhysical ScienceBiological ScienceSocial Studies
High Schools66666

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Selection Procedure:
Suggested procedures for identification and selection of Resource Persons
1. A press note may be given in the District editions calling for applications from the interested teachers, Head Masters to act as Resource Persons at District and State Level. The Resource Persons assistance may be taken in providing training programmes, material development, monitoring of schools and supporting teachers etc.

2. Information may be taken from DIET Principals, Dy.EOs and District Level good Resource Persons, DCEB Secretaries, Head Masters about the good and committed Resource Persons.

3. Teachers/ Head Masters who earlier acted as Resource Persons effectively and participated in the development of textbooks, Modules etc. and their participation in innovative activities and subject development, ICT practices may also be considered.

4. Any other procedures felt as necessary may be followed and effective, committed persons may be identified.

Selection and selection committee
After receiving the applications, the same may be scrutinized and selection may be made based on the following criteria.
Sl.No.ItemDetailsScore points
Intermediate and D.Ed.2
(basic qualifications)
Degree + B.Ed.4
P.G. + M.Ed.8
Sub total36
Sl.ItemDetailsScore points
2Textbook writer-4
3Handbook writer-2
4R.P. at State Level-6
5R.P. at District Level-3
6R.P. at Mandal Level-2
7General publications (books, articles in journals/ newspapers)3
8Computer literacyDCA/ MS Office3
9Computer literacyPGDCA4
10Extracurricular activitiesArt, craft, sports/ games-State Level4
11Extracurricular activitiesArt, craft, sports/ games- District Level2
12Extracurricular activitiesArt, craft, sports/ games-Mandal/ School Level1
Sub total34
Grand Total70

1. Minimum of 5 years of experience of teachers is required for considering them as Resource Persons.
2. A committee may be formed at Divisional Level for each Division with following members to scrutinize the applications.
1. Deputy Educational Officer
2. One MEO
3. One High School Head Master
4. One DIET Lecturer
The DEO shall constitute the committee as above for each Division.

For more details please contact to your District Educational Officer


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