TS Govt nod to Regularisation of Telangana Contract Employees

Regularisation of Contract Employees: In olden days there is an imbalance in the ratio of jobs and eligible candidates, then jobs are more and eligible candidates are less. But now also there is an imbalance in the ratio ,this is  due to eligible candidates raised when compared to jobs.

Now it is a dream to achieve a govt job. As privatization taking place now all jobs are contract basis only. As new state is formed all employees dreams are coming true. 43% of fitment, regularization of RTC contract employees.

In our state there are 28,000 contract employees who are working in different sectors of govt. First those who have been completed 5 years of service will be regularized, then the others. they have to complete the service of 5 years. This decision on regularization made due to the occasion of state formation day.

A committee of 7 members under Mr. Rajiv sharma have given guide lines on above topic.

Who have been completed the service of 5 yrs up to June 2nd 2014 are eligible to regularization in the 1st phase,the others will be regularized  in 2nd phase, after 5 years they will be identified as regular employees.

Those who are working on special projects,schemes are not eligible. part time and daily wage employees are not eligible. who claims full time scale, and qualified workers for the posts are eligible.

This recruitment will be according to the vacancy position. The service will be considered from the date of issuing G.O of regularization only. Old service will not be considered. So every contract employee waiting for that good day.

Latest news: Around 15,000 contract employees working in various state government departments would be regularised soon after June 2, the state formation day. The regular employees can also expect transfers.

According to sources, the file relating to the transfers of state government employees, which has been pending since two years, due to bifurcation of combined Andhra Pradesh, has been circulated. Those working on long standing basis at one place can expect transfers.

Meanwhile, at a review meeting held at the Secretariat on Tuesday, chief secretary Rajiv Sharma directed the secretaries of various departments that the list of eligible contract employees should be sent to the finance department latest by Saturday.  This is to enable the finance department to issue letters to individual contract employees regularising their services.

According to sources, around 15,000 contract employees were eligible for regularisation. The state government had already issued a GO and constituted a high level committee for regularisation of contract employees.

As per the guidelines, each department will follow rules of reservation and send the list to the finance department.

Around 40,000 contract employees were working in the state government. However, the services of those working in societies and corporations would not be regularised. Those contract employees working in various government departments would be regularised.

TS TO ADOPT PUNJAB MODEL: Meanwhile, during the review meeting, the chief secretary wanted the officials to study the Punjab model where furnishing affidavits were not mandatory for around 33 services. In Punjab, marriage, non-marriage, obtaining duplicate ration cards and other services, people need not give affidavits from the notary. They can simply issue self-declaration. The affidavit rule should be followed forthwith in Telangana too, he said.

Formation day bonanza. 15,000 contract staff eligible for regularisation. Regular employees can also expect transfers
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  1. Replies
    1. then wat is legal for contract employees

  2. its completely illegal and it should be stopped

  3. Dear aspirants dont worry we have COURTS

    1. For abolishing entire contract system we will go for COURTS.
      not for this regularization


    1. from 25 years lot of notifications have come... If the Contract people are having worth they would have cracked atleast one job....As u people doesn't have any subject u should not be regularised

    2. what about SC And ST quota who is speaking above sentence

  5. Regularaigation is good disecion

  6. Who told them to serve years as contract lecturers. Regularization is ILLEGAL

  7. How to file case againest to that stupid decision of our worest CM

  8. Courts will have nothing to do... Regularization will be done... Once Government decides and does it what else we can do...

  9. Hi about 180 Contract DLs are regularised certificate verification on 27th as per Supreme Court it is illegal

  10. those who say that contract employes regularisation is illegal are fools if govt issues G.O
    it will be done , not onle that govt have also put it in its manifesto in elections.if thay go back on this promise . they will have to pay .no one can stop this process.

  11. Friends give sajestion
    My father was contract FBO 15 years, but he was dead,i elgeble for this job or not



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