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Guidelines on Conduct of Counseling of Teachers Transfers, Promotions, Rationalisation

1) Conduct of counseling:
i) Counseling shall be conducted between 8.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M.

ii) Counseling shall be conducted daily for 200 to 300 teachers I HMs in batches @ 30 per batch. (At maximum at 2 places counseling to be done one should be Chaired by District Educational Officer. One should be Chaired by Collector's nominee, Project Officer RVM OR DIET Principal, CTE Principal, RJD Intermediate etc., supported by Senior Dy.E.0. & Other Staff)

iii) Teachers I HMs who are in that particular batch and who are called for the counseling on that particular day and time, shall be allowed into the Counseling Hall.

iv) Joint Collector or a Senior District Officer nominated by the District Collector should be present during the process of counseling for the entire period i.e., from the beginning to end of the process of counseling on each day.

v) Teachers should be called for counseling in the order of merit. The process of counseling i.e the allotment of vacancy based on the option excised by the teachers shall be done using the computer based software. Arrangements should be made to display list of vacancies opted by the teachers and consequential vacancies on the screens.

vi) Option exercising is the only one activity to be done by the teachers [manually] in the presence of the Committee as per the schedule. The remaining activities shall be done using software in counseling hall i.e. deleting the opted vacancy from the list of vacancies and adding the resultant vacancy etc.

vii) If any problem arises in the computers, only after rectification of such problem, the process should be taken up. Hence, spare computer systems with all accessories shall be made available in the hall.

viii) If any applicant teacher I HM is absent for counseling on the schedule day, his/her request for transfer shall not be considered in later period under any circumstances.

ix) The vacancy to which a candidate has opted shall be deleted from the list of vacancies and the consequential vacancy that arises shall be added to the original list.

x) At the end of the each session, before calling the next batch of candidates for counseling the consequential vacancy position shall be displayed on the screen, arranged for this purpose and also in Notice Board.

xi) 30 Minutes gap shall be given between the two successive counseling batches to enable the candidates to know about the latest vacancy position before entering the hall for counseling.

2) Transfer orders and Relief:
i) Based on the recommendations of the respective Committees, the appointing authorities concerned shall issue posting orders on the same day to all the HMs I Teachers. Individual transfer Orders shall be issued.

ii) The Teacher I HM who are to be compulsorily transferred and who do not attend for counselling, shall be given posting orders in absentia from the left over vacancies at the end of the counseling of that particular category of Teachers, in the presence of the Committee and in the counseling hall only to needy school.

iii) Head Master Gr.II (Gazetted) I Teacher shall not be posted in the Schools located in the same Gram Panchayat, if they completed (5) years and (8) years of service respectively.

iv) Once transfer orders are issued by the competent authority with the approval of the
Committee, review or modification of the Orders shall not be considered, either by the Committee or by the competent authority.

v) In all the orders of the transfers the condition is to be included that the orders shall be subject to outcome of court case pending before the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India and other cases pending before appropriate courts.

vi) The transfers affected shall be displayed on website and also at the office of Regional Joint Director of School Education, District Educational Officer and Z.P. after completion of counseling.

vii) The Head Master Gr.II (Gazetted) I Teachers who are on transfer shall be relieved from the present place of working on receipt of the transfer orders and he I she shall join in the new school where they are posted on the next day of serving of orders.

viii) A Head Master Gr.II (Gazetted) I Teacher who does not join in transferred post cannot claim compulsory wait under any' circumstances for any reason.

ix) All transfers shall be affected within the present Management, Agency Area to Agency Area, Plain Area to Plain Area only,


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