How to Calculate the Seniority in the Same Cadre | Seniority Calculation Procedure

Calculation of Seniority:  Senior, junior these words we hear from our schooling days. Seniors will be respected by juniors. If we see in colleges juniors are restricted, dominated by seniors. But when the relationship is good between them, then they will guide us, help us in choosing our career. Who is Senior?

If we now come to jobs side, then most senior is the boss of all others. But deciding who is actual senior is some problem due to lack are of knowledge on this particular issue.

How to Calculate Seniority in the Same Cadre?

So, now you may know how to decide a senior/ H.M in a school  are to get a promotion.
1. Seniority list will be prepared on the basis of candidates merit of same DSC those who joined in duty within 30 days. Those who joined after this period will be treated as juniors and write their names at last.  If these number is more, then the late joiners entries according to merit the names are entered. The entries of teachers will not be according to the joining ( either 1st  or last, they should join within 30 days). (C and DSE Procs NO. 7933/ C 2 -2/01 DE 28 -12-2001).

2. Spl PETs with Rs.398 those who appointed in the posts of SGT, after vacancies they are absorbed on to the PET posts. Such PETs seniority will be counted from the date of absorption in PET posts.
According to DSE proc.RC.NO. 6471/03 - 3/05, Dt. 27- 05 -05 the period of working as SGT is not counted.

3. The teachers those whose merit lists are not available then these entries will be according to the joining in the schools. If same day more then they will follow alphabetical order.

4. In the process of rationalisation transfers, relieving will be in the same process, if senior is not interested junior will be relieved.

5. To continue as FAC H.M in high schools then the required qualifications will be seen i.e., academic qualifications like B.Ed & Departmental tests or age of 45 / 50 candidates are exempted from this departmental tests. Seniority will be seen in eligible qualified candidates also. If not 1st asst will be handed over the change ( C & DSE proc. No. 1539/ C3-3/2001 Dt.9-9-2001 and C and DSC RC. No. 1539/C3 - 3/200/Dt. 31- 1 -2002).

6. While giving additional charge as MEO then we have to see H.M’s( Roaster cum Merit posting seniority) Which has seen while giving that cadre.

7. The same as 1. Will be seen in the appointment of P.S.H.M (who are qualified).
Rc.7933 Services Regulation and Seniority Counting in the Promotion post and Instructions


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