How to Know Your Entitle Points for Teachers Transfers 2015

ENTITLEMENT POINTS: We know that already the transfer and promotion schedule have been released. Seniority list plays significant role in the counselling. This list includes names according to the points entitled to various categories of schools.

How to know your entitle points?
By the clear glance of below instructions, you will get complete idea and you can personally calculate your points without any and strain.
School Point
1. Teachers working in IV category schools gets 5 points for 1 year service in that school or 0.416 for every month.
2. Teachers working in III category schools gets 3 points for 1 year service in that school and 0.25 for every completed month.
3. Teachers working in II category schools gets 2 points for 1 year service in that school and 0.16 for every completed month.
4. Teachers working in I category schools gets 1 points for 1 year service in that school and 0.083 for every completed month.
Note: The IV category schools will be declared by collector.

5) 10 points will be allotted to teachers different state unions presidents, secretaries those who avail on duty facility.
6) 10 points will be entitled to un-married teachers.
7) 10 points will be entitled for one of them in wife and husband, if one of them is state employee and other is central employee.
Note: a) H.Ms can avail these points once for 5 years.
b) Teachers can avail these points once for 8 years.

8) Those who transfers as a part of rationalisation they will be entitled with 10 points.
9) No points will be given for long standing teachers (8 years).
10) Those who transferred in 2013 but not joined in opted place if their post is shown as surplus post in rationalisation such teachers will be given extra 5 points, the others can join in their opted place after rationalisation.
11) Teachers who wins national award gets 15 points, state level award gets 10 points.

12) Teachers gets below pts through their result in SSC exams.
a) 2.5 points    - 100% result
b) 2  points       - 95% - 99% result
c) 1  points       - 90% - 94% result

13) Points to resource persons
State level R.P    -  5 points
Dist level R.P     -  4 points
Mandal level R.P  -  2 points

14) Priority in counselling will be given to the teachers suffers who with 70% of disability, widows, woman who divorced, who suffers from chronic diseases, mentally disable.
Blood cancer, jarinal diabetes  children’s parents.
Note: a) H.M’s can avail this once for 5 years.
b) Teachers can avail this once for 8 years.

15) For the Service rendered: 0.041 point for every one month of the completed service in the total service in all categories as on 1st July of the current year transfers:
Service Points in all categories:
-   0.041 points per month.
-   0.492 points per year

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