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Instructions on Submission of TS Teachers Transfers Printed Online Application Forms(Applied)

Telangana Teachers Transfers Online Applications/Changes in submitting of Online Teachers Transfers Application Forms/ Warangal Teachers Transfers Promotions Rationalisation Process:
This is the transfers time only teachers are more, no any other department have this much of employees. So, maximum number of times education department tries to help transfer counselling only in summer vacation this is due to rectify the disturbances in the schools and the main aim is that not to disturb the children.

But, this time due to many reasons transfers schedule began from June 16th ends by July 16th.
In this span of time higher officials are working hard to complete the schedule successfully.

Guidelines on Submission of TS Teachers Transfers Printed Online Application Forms: As a part if this Warangal DEO Mr.Y.Chandra Mohan instructed some changes instead of giving the applied printouts in at DEO offices, give your printouts, S.B to your school H.M before 27th of this month.(

Where to submit "printed application forms"?
1. All SGTs, Grade II pandits should submit printouts & S.B to their MEO.
2. S.As & Grade I pandits should submit their printouts & S.B to P.G.H.M.
3. P.G.H.Ms, MEOs should submit all received copies at the DEO office.

Division Level Receiving Counters:
1. Mahabubabad division schools should submit their copies at "MARKAJI HIGH SCHOOL" Hanamkonda.
2. Warangal division schools should submit their copies at "LASHKAR BAZAR HIGH SCHOOL" Hanamkonda.(TeachersBadi.In)
3. Mulugu division schools should submit their copies at "Govt practicing high school" Hanamkonda.
Janagoan division schools should submit at "Govt. DIET College, Hanamkonda".

According to the Warangal DEO, Severe action will be taken against them those who neglects/absent their duties showing transfer as a reason.(

Important points to be followed by teachers:
Teachers, who are working under Government, Zilla Parishad and Mandla Parishad managements should follow the below instructions for Rationalisation and general transfers.
1. After applying in the web site and submitting, take the printout, check the details compared to Service Book and sign on printout copy.
2. After verification by MEO/PG.H.M should sign on that copy for declaration.
3. MEO/P.G.H.M should submit the details with necessary xerox copies at specified divisional level counters.(TeachersBadi.In)
4. MEOs/P.G.H.Ms should take receipt at specified counters after verification of applications.
5. The teachers who furnished false details will be suspended and will be punished according to C.C.A rules.
6. Spouse category should be utilised once in 8 years only. They should verify this spouse category at the time of verification

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