Telangana Teacher Posts, TS Schools Staff Rationalisation Guidelines/Norms Key Points

We know that earlier we had Govt schools per 1k.m, but days passing the situation has been changed this is due to many reasons like attraction towards private schools migration of families etc. Some schools are merged in near by schools and functioning in one premises.

We thought that school functioning with less strength will be closed, but 15th June 2015 mid night 11:30 pm the guidelines on rationalization have been released, and according to that it is clear that the schools with less strength will not be closed, schools functioning in one premises will be merged as one.

The success schools with strength below 50 will be merged in near by schools the maximum period of working in a school may be 8 years.

1. Different schools functioning in one premises (ps/ups/Hs) will be merged as one school.
2. If two or more primary schools, High schools functions all primary schools merged as one primary school and high schools as one high school.
3. If two or more UPS High schools functions all I -V  classes will be merged as one primary school and VI - VII classes in to high schools.
4. If two schools of different mediums, different managements functions in one premises, these schools will be merged according to management wise.
5. Girls high schools will not be merged in co-education or boys high schools.

1.  One(1) teacher for 1--30 students.
2.  Two(2) teachers for 31--60 students.
3.  Three(5) teachers for 61--90 students.
4.  5 Teachers and 1 HM for 151--200 students.

Teachers will be continued as same as in PS.For classes 6th,7th,8th teachers will be allotted subject wise according to the enrollment of students.
a) 1 Maths /Science,1 social,1 LP,1 LP-2 for 100 members.
b) 1 SA Eng will be given additionally if the pupil are 140.
c) 9 members teachers including HM will be given for 220 pupils in high schools.

1. SGT Posts in PS, UPS will be transferred to other PS,UPS under same management.
2. Posts in 0 enrolled schools will be considered as surplus posts.
3. Surplus posts,Surplus teachers will be transferred to plain to plain and agency to agency.

Success schools English medium strength less than 50 will be merged to near by model schools / Residential schools E /M additional posts will be transferred to other schools of same management.

#GO.11 TS Teachers Rationalization 2015 New Guidelines

#GO.11 TS SChools Rationalization 2015 New Guidelines

#GO.11 SCHOOL'S STAFF PATTERN for Rationalization 2015

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