TS Schools Other Academic Related issues for the Academic Year 2015-16

Teacher trainings: In order to improve the quality of the trainings, the focus will be on developing subject specific forums at State and District Level for all the subjects. Good and committed teachers may be identified to act as Resource Persons. Their services will be used for training and academic monitoring of schools and supporting DCEB activities. ICT will be used for supporting teachers for effective implementation of curriculum.

School Complex Meetings
1. It is proposed for strengthening of School Complex Meetings. Professional expertise is required for the Asst. Secretaries and accordingly' may be select.. The expert LFL HMS may also be
considered for Primary meetings.
2. Effective monitoring for regular attendance of teachers and their participation shall be focused.
3. The DIETs/ CTEs shall focus on effective conduct of School Comp!. Meetings and training to School Complex HMs and Asst. Secretaries.
4. A Handbook on School Complex Meetings may be developed.

Schools Academic Monitoring: Academic monitoring of schools to ensure effective implementation of curriculum and achieving the expected learning outcomes.
1. The DEOs shall plan for and ensure strong and effective academic monitoring of schools to ensure effective implementation of curriculum and CCE and ensure children learning achievement.
2. The Dy.EOs may be supported with an expert group of subj. specific Head Masters and SRGs/ DRGs as a panel. The panel inspection of High Schools shall be taken up once in a quarter.
3. The performance of schools against the standards as benchmarked may be taken up in the form of self appraisals followed by external appraisals by the panel. The performance data of the schools shall be put on-line for generating the reports.
4. Similarly, a group with MED with DRGs and other expert teachers to monitor the Primary Schools.

Remedial Teaching: Remedial teaching to address the children backward in basic competencies of reading, writing and arithmetic.
High School Head Masters are responsible to ensure all children to attain basic competencies of reading, writing and arithmetic so as to enable the children to participate in the teaching learning process and involve in self learning. Therefore, a target is fixed on every Head Master of High Schools that there shall be no students without basic competencies of reading, writing and arithmetic pertaining to class VI to X by 30th October, 2015. Similarly, target is set for Primary School Head Masters to make all children read and write and basic arithmetic for classes II to V by the end of October, 2015. It is up to the Head Masters and their staff to discuss and finalize a strategy to achieve the expected competencies of basic literary and numeracy. Otherwise it is insulting to have children without reading and writing even after schooling of 4 to 8 years in our schools. The State monitoring teams shall observe the efforts of Head Master and teachers in planning and addressing the basic competencies among students and progress therein.

Half day schools:
The existing system of half day schools is removed and full session schools shall be conducted from 15th March to 23rd April.

Summer vacation:
The summer vacation for the teachers and children will be from 24th April to 11th June, 2015 as usual and as per the earlier pattern being followed. The schools will be reopen on 12th June, 2015.

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