TS Schools Academic Calendar 2017-18 Key Points(Telangana Patashala Vidya Dynandini)


TS Schools New Academic Calendar Programmes, Activities Schedule 2017-2018

#TS Schools New #Academic #Calendar 2017-18 Programmes, Activities Schedule/ TS Schools Academic Year 2017-2018-FA 1,2,3,4 SA 1,2 Exams Schedule, First,Second Term Holidays,month wise working Days: TS Schools Academic Calendar for the year 2017-18 and other programmes, activities for the next academic year have been developed by the SCERT Telangana. In this Draft Academic Calendar 2017-18, Main Activities Schedule, Next Academic year start date, Summer vacation, Schools Reopening, Syllabus distribution,Examinations schedule, Term Holidays like First term holidays(Dasera), Christmas holidays for Christian minority schools, Second term holidays(Sankranthi) for Other than Christian minority schools, Summer vacation and Month-wise working days details are available. These details are given here. The draft academic calendar for the year 2017-18 have been developed and it is proposed for discussion for finalization of TS Schools Academic Calendar for 2017-2018.

TS Schools New Academic Calendar,Programmes,Activities Schedule

As per the DSE Telangana-Rc.No.2497, Dt:28-08-2017TS Schools Academic Calendar-Programmes, Activities for 2017-2018 are provided here...............

TS School Academic Calendar 2018:
A. Examinations Schedule:
FA 1 : By 31.07.2017
FA 2 : By 19.09.2017
SA 1 : 23.10.2017 to 28.10.2017
FA 3 : By 30.11.2017
FA 4 : By 31.01.2018 for SSC and 28.02.2018 for Classes Ito IX
SA 2 : 02.04.2018 to 09.04.2018
Pre-final for Class X: Before 28.02.2018.

B. School Calendar Dates And Schedule
1. New Academic year starts from 12.06.2017 and closed on 12-04-2018
2. Dasara Holidays: 20.09.2017 to 04.10.2017 — 15 days
3. Christmas Holidays for Missionary Schools: 24.12.2017 to 28.12.2017 — 5 days
4. Sankranthi Holidays other than Missionary Schools: 12.01.2018 to 16.01.2018 — 5 days
5. Ending of syllabus: 12-04-2018(28-02-2018)
6. Last working day: The last day of working of Academic Year 2017-18 is 12/04/2018
7. Schools Re-Opening: 01-06-2018 for 2018-2019

C. *School Complex meetings PS/UPS/HS(06):
*July, August, September, November, January , February

1. 9:30 AM TO 4:45 PM High School (HS)
2. 9:00 AM TO 4:15 PM Upper Primary
3. 9:00 AM TO 4:00 PM Primary Schools

Summer Holidays Starts From :- 13-04-2018
Re-Opening Schools :- 01/06/2018

F. Schedule of activities 2017-18
1. The last day of working of Academic Year 2017-18 is 12/04/2018.
2. Summer vacation 13-04-2018 to 31.05.2018,
3. Schools reopen after summer vacation 01.06.2018
4. Syllabus distribution for AY 2017-18The syllabus for all subjects is distributed from 12.06.2017 to 12.04.2018 [The syllabus was demarcated for SA1 and SA2 examinations]. The syllabus for all subjects for Class X shall be completed by 31.01.2018 and take Revision Classes and conduct Pre-final examinations before commencement of SSC Board Examinations.
5. Syllabus completion for Class I to IX shall be completed by 28.02.2018. The revision and remedial teaching and preparation of SA2 Exam will be during March and April 2018.

G. Examination schedule:
Type of AssessmentSchedule
Formative Assessment - FA 1By 31.07.2017
Formative Assessment - FA 2, By 19.09.2017
Summative Assessment - SA 123.10.2017 to 28.10.2017
Formative Assessment - FA 3By 30.11.2017
Formative Assessment - FA 4By 31.01.2018 for SSC and 28.02.2018 for Classes Ito IX
Summative Assessment - SA 202.04.2018 to 09.04.2018
Pre-final for Class — XBefore 28.02.2018.

H. Short Term Holidays:

Dassara Holidays20.09.2017 to 04.10.2017 — 15 days
Christmas Holidays for Missionary Schools24.12.2017 to 28.12.2017 — 5 days
Sankranthi Holidays other than Missionary Schools .12.01.2018 to 16.01.2018 — 5 days

I. School Games:
The National Games start from October, 2017 onwards and all the Games at State Level have to be completed before 4th October, 2017 so as to send the selected State Teams to the National Games. Therefore, following is the Schedule for Games and Sports Competitions at various levels:-
Nature / Levels of gamesDates
School Level1st August to 16th August 2017
Mandal / Division Level17th August to 2nd September 2017
District Level3rd September to 20th September 2017
State Level — Selection of State level teams21St September to 04th October 2017

J. Month-wise number of working days and month wise activities/ Programmes:
MonthFromToNo. of working claysActivities schedule
June 201712.06.201730.06.201715Schools reopen on 12.06.2017 after summer vacation Badibata (2nd Spell badibata before schools reopening i.e., 03.06.2017 to 17.06.2017)
July 201701.07.201731.07.201774- FA1 : 12.06.2017 to 31.07.2017 ( 39 working days)
- Students performance shall be recorded in the registers and Cumulative Records by 31.07.2017.
August 201701.08.201731.08.201723
September 201701.09.201719.09.201714-FA2: 01.08.2017 to 19.09.2017 ( 37 working days)
-Students performance shall be recorded in the registers and Cumulative Records by 19.09.2017.
September / October 201720.09.201704.10.2017Dassera Vacation (15 days) - First Term holidays
October 201705.10.201731.10.201721-SA1 : 23.10.2017 to 28.10.2017( 89 working days)
-Answer scripts to children and parents and declaring results by 31.10.2017
November 201701.11.201730.11.201724-Recording results by 01.11.2017
-Parents meeting on 02.11.2017
-Cumulative Records to children by 03.11.2017.
-FA3: 05.10.2017 to 30.11.2017 ( 45 working days- Including SA1 exams)
-Students performance shall be recorded in the registers
December 201701.12.201731.12.201724Christmas Holidays: 24.12.2017 to 28.12.2017 (5 days) -{For Christian Missionary Schools}
January 201801.01.201831.01.201822Sankranthi Vacation: 12.01.2018 to 16.01.2018 (5 days)
Other than Christian Missionary Schools - Second Term Holidays
February 201801.02.2018 28.02.201822- Class X - FA4: 01.12.2017 to 31.01.2018 ( 46 working days)
- Students performance shall be recorded in the registers and Cumulative Records by 31.01.2018.
- Classes I to IX  - F.A.4 01.12.2017 to 28.02.2018 ( 68 working days)
- Students performance shall be recorded in the registers and Cumulative Records by 28.02.2018.
- Pre-final exams for Class X: before 28.02.2018 (Exam during morning session and preparation for the next exam under the supervision of subject teacher during afternoon)
March 201801.03.201831.03.201823SSC Exams during March 2018 · 01.03.2018 to 01.04.2018 revision and remedial teaching of Classes I to IX and  preparation for final Exams (SA2)
April 201801.04.201812.04.20189- SA2 : 02.04.2018 to 09.04.2018 (118 working days)
- Answer scripts to children and parents and declaring results by 10.04.2018
- Recording results and parents meeting on 11.04.2018 and issue the progress report to children.
- Students resubmit the progress report to school after parents signature - 12.04.2018.
- Last working day 12.04.2018
- Summer vacations from 13.04.2018 to 31.05.2018

School Timings:
1. High Schools: 9:30 AM to 4:45 PM and in case of Twin Cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, the High School timings will be 8:45 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
2. Upper Primary Schools (Class VI to VIII) - 09.00 AM to 04.15 PM and in the Twin Cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, 08.45 AM to 04.00 PM.
3. Primary Schools and Primary Sections of Upper Primary Schools (Class I to V) 9-00 AM to 04.00 PM, and in the Twin Cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, 08.45 AM to 03.45 PM.
4. The Primary Schools and Upper Primary Schools working in the High School Campus shall follow the High School Timings i.e., the Primary Schools from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM and Upper Primary Schools will be from 9:30 AM to 4:45 PM. The Residential Schools, KGBVs shall follow their own Time Table.

Time Table for Digital Lessons transmission from SOFTNET
Digital Lessons will be transmitted on all working days for Classes VI to X
Si. No.ClassTime for Digital Lessons Transmission
1Class — X10.30 a.m. to 11.15 a.m.
2Class — IX11.30 a.m. to 12.15 p.m.
3Class — VIII2.00 p.m. to 2.45 p.m.
4Class — VII2.45 p.m. to 3.30 p.m.
5Class — VI3.40 p.m. to 4.20 p.m.
TS Schools New Academic Calendar Programmes,Activities Schedule 2017-2018

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