GO.231, 15 Days Paternity Leave on Full Pay to Married Male Government Employees

GO.231 - 15 Days Paternity Leave on Full Pay to Married Male Government Employees

GO.Ms.No.231 Dated: 16-09-2005: Government of Andhra Pradesh, Finance Department,  Public Service - Paternity Leave to Male Government Employees - Orders - Issued

G.O.Ms.No.734, General Administration (Special-A) Department, dated 17-2-2004.

In the reference read above, Government have constituted Pay Revision Commission. Among other things, the Pay Revision Commission, 2005 has recommended for sanction of 15 days Paternity Leave to all the eligible persons and this have to be restricted to two children for a family.

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2. Government have accepted the above recommendations of the Pay Revision Commission, 2005 and accordingly hereby order that the competent authority may grant paternity leave on full pay to married male Government employees, temporary or permanent, for a period of 15 days subject to the condition that it shall be granted to those with less than two surviving children.

3. These orders shall come into force with immediate effect

4. Necessary amendments to the relevant rules will be issued separately

These orders are available HERE and can be accessed at THIS LINK 
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