AP Teachers Transfers, Rationalisation Schedule 2017

AP Teachers Transfers, Rationalisation Schedule 2017

An employee starts his/her career with lots of happiness, but after the days are passing he/ she may face some problems practically the problems may be health based, financial, journey etc. Mainly teachers face journey problems because teachers can't stay at the working place due to some family conditions/problems. So, they should leave the native place and adjust in the rented houses.If their children are grown they have to move the rural areas nearer to the colleges of their children. Not only this for medical assistance/treatments they have to live in the rural areas. Travelling from rural to urban with out proper transport facility is very problematic. So,to overcome such problems and reducing the distance of travelling, changing the atmosphere are the factors which shows a great impact on the teacher. These can be solved by transfers.By transfers teachers can choose the place according to the seniority service etc.

AP Teachers Transfers-Rationalisation-Web counselling Revised Schedule 2017

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So, every teacher will wait for particular situation and ready to move the other place and work with more energy. But leaving old place, many times it is painful, because teacher is closely associated with students, villagers, SMC members, parents etc. But transfer is a part of job and it is compulsory & essential.

The draft teacher transfer schedule of A.P would be released in June 2017. This schedule includes rationalisation, transfer. As govt, is ready to close the zero enrolment schools. The rest of transfers will be continue through the web counselling process. The schedule includes important dates of applications, seniority list, objections final list, counselling to be held etc.

So, get ready to the new process in the new state. Do not confuse while giving options of the place, have a glance on the vacancies and them move forward carefully. It will become earlier.

AP Teachers Rationalisation-Transfers schedule: 
1. Rationalization, 2. Display of Vacancies, 3. Applying Transfers, Display seniority list, 5. Objections, 6. Redressal of objections, 7. Confirmation & Willingness, 8. Display of Final seniority list, 9. Web options, 10. Orders dates are given below
  SL. No. Activity Timeline
1 Entry of Data Into integrated U-DISE with proper validation 18-06-2017 to 25.06.2017
2 Rationalization of Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools  25-06-2017 to 27.06.2017
3 Display of List of vacancies Management wise, Category Wise, subject Wise, Medium Wise in website in respect of Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools 27-06-2017
4 Applying for transfer by HM / Teacher effected due to revised norms in online and submission of print out application form to the concerned M.E.O. / Dy.E.O. 27-06-2017 to 28-06-2017
5 Receiving print out of the application form by the D.E.O. after verification by M.E.O. / Dy.E.O. and preparation of seniority list. 18.06.2017 to 29-06-2017
6 Display of provisional Seniority lists based  on performance points and entitlement points on website 01-07-2017
7 Submission of uploaded objections in the website and the proof, if any, to the District Educational Officer 02-07-2017 to 03-07-2017
8 Redressal of Objections / Final Seniority on website by District Educational Officer. 04-07-2017 to 05-07-2017
9 Conformation and willingness of application to participate in transfer counseling by H.M. / Teacher 27-06-2017 to 05-07-2017
10 Display of final Seniority list with performance points and entitlement points in website 06-07-2017
11 Submission of online web option by the Headmaster/teacher( He can submit his option in multiple occasions) 07-07-2017 to 10-07-2017
12 Displaying of provisional allotment places list 16-07-2017
13 Grievances if any on provisional allotment list 17-07-2017 to 18-07-2017
14 Redressal of Grievances by District Level Committee
15 Displaying of final allotment places list 22-07-2017
16 Display of transfer orders the Web and issue of orders (hard copy) by the concerned authorities (Allotment should be generated for all categories of the posts to the applied candidates (District wise, category wise, Medium wise and subject wise basing on the web-options given by the individuals.
17 Date of Joining in New Schools 24-07-2017
AP Teachers Transfers-Rationalisation-Web counselling Schedule 2017

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Read: GO.38 AP Teachers Transfers Rules 2012, AP Teachers Transfers Guidelines, norms
Read: AP Teachers Transfers Web Counselling and Web Based Options Entry System at Transfers Web Portal

AP Teachers Transfers, Rationalisation Schedule 2017
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