Telangana Fee-Reimbursement Guidelines |TS Post-matrict Scholoarship Scheme Guidelines

Fee - Reimbursement/Post-matric Scholarship up to 5,000 rank: Education it is the only way to lighten up one's life and their family. But achieving goal is not such easy. One will be blessed up with knowledge irrespective of caste, religion and financial states. But it is not so easy to complete some technical, profession courses. To encourage merit students and scheduled castes & tribal students, and to uplift them, there is fee - reimbursement scheme.
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Postmatric Scholarships For Fresh and Renewal Registrations will be Closed on 31-01-2019

In a big relief to students of Telangana ahead of commencement of new academic year, its government has unanimously decided to bear the fee reimbursement in professional colleges and meet their scholarships in the new State alone while leaving out those of Andhra Pradesh and other States from the view.

Previous this scheme is applicable to all the students of SC,ST and BC students irrespective of their rank.  The scheme was implemented by previous governments with a cap of Rs. 2 lakh in the annual income of parents in the case of SC and ST students. The limit was Rs. 1 lakh for BC, physically challenged, minorities and economically backward class students. Students who secured below 10,000th rank in engineering stream of EAMCET were fully reimbursed fee while only Rs. 35,000 was paid for others.

But now as the situation is different  i.e., Separation of states, local issue etc., But, clear clarifications and guidelines have been issued by the TS Govt on fee - reimbursement for this academic year 2015-2016 for EAMCET on June 30, 2015. As this time EAMCET 2015 -16 was conducted separately by TS govt, the following clarifications/guidelines were issued by govt.

Fee Reimbursement Guidelines for EAMCET Students:
According to this TS Govt. G.O/Memo
1. Fee - reimbursement will be applicable for the students who secured below 5000 rank.
2. But for SC, ST this is not applicable they can avail fee reimbursement, irrespective of their rank.
3. Those students who studied in residential colleges, who studied under corporate colleges scheme where these colleges functions under welfare society/departments, they are eligible to Fee-reimbursement.
4. The other students who secured rank above 5000 can avail only upto 35,000/- only irrespective of their college fee (If the college fee is less, than amount will be considered).
5. For 2013 - 14 academic year the rank is considered up to 10,000 rank.
6. For 2014 - 15 academic year the same is considered but local rule is attached.
7. According to the Telangana state government for 2014 - 15 academic year this Fee-reimbursement scheme/post matric scholarship scheme is continued, applicable for the local students and will be paid post metric scholarship. The qualified students should submit certificates of 7 years of schooling.
8. Only local students of Telangana are only accepted for fee - reimbursement. But, Detailed guidelines have been released by the Telangana State Government.

Last date for submission of Scholarship Application on Online :31-01-2019
Apply Online for ePass Fee Reimbursement/Postmatric Scholarship
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  1. sir I am vinay kumar I had completed my diploma 2 year and I had got 1 year gap between my diploma and my tenth standard and now I am trying to renwal my scholarship it is asking gap certificate from mro office

  2. hi sir my distic mahabubnagar .nenu 1 to 12 varaku mahabunagar distic lo study chesanu .so nenu kurnool lo 2012-2015 degre completed. so naku 1 year lo matramu scholarship and return fezz vachendi. 2year 2013 -2014 lo scholarship and return feez raledu .2014-2015 online renewal chesanu. diniki sombandichina certificate college varu tesukovadam ledu.plees naku scholarship and return fee vache vidanga chudandi .plees sir
    nathopatu 1000 student same prabulam. my distic m.nagar alampuru taluka

  3. With out eamcet can we get fee reimbursement