TS School Profile - TS Online School and Teachers Particulars

TS School Profile - TS Online School and Teaching/Non Teaching Staff Particulars

TS School Profile for TS Online full information of Schools and teachers Particulars:  Video conference conducted on July 29th, 2015 to the Education Department Officials. In this video conference Commissioner and Director of School Education has instructed and ordered to fill the teachers particulars in online on or before 01-08-2015 and certain instruction have been issued for filling the online full information of school and teachers particulars.

TS School Profile - TS Online School and Teachers Particulars

All the MEOs, HMs are requested to furnish the information of Schools, Class wise, Medium wise and Gender wise enrolment, Status of Infrastructure Facility, Teachers Sanction and working details and Teaching/Non Teaching staff particulars of your Mandal/School on or before 01.08.2015

I. School Information:
Head Master should fill the following details your school
1. District:
2. Mandal:
3. Village:
4. School U-DISE:
5. School:
6. Area:Plain / agency
7. Medium: Telugu/English/Urdu/Others
8. Management: State Govt / Local Body
9. Success School: Yes/No
10. School Mail ID

II. Class wise, Medium wise and Gender wise enrolment
In this section Head master enter the class wise, medium wise and gender wise enrolment of children details

III. Status of Infrastructure Facility:
In this section, Head master fill the following details of present Status of infrastructure facility of your school.
1.No.of Rooms available (All)
2. No.of Classes/Sections running :
3. No.of toilets
    Running water facility
4. Kitchen Shed
5. Compound wall
6. Electricity
7. Drinking water
8. Water Purifier (RO Plant)
9. No. of computers available
10. Harithaharam Plantation taken up
11. No. Of Pits dug
12. Plantation done
13. Television
14. R.O.T
15. Internet facility
16. LCD Projector
17. Radio

IV. Teachers Sanction and working details
In this section, head master should fill the sanction of  Teaching and Non Teaching posts details and and present working status of Teaching and Non Teaching posts details.

V. Teaching/Non Teaching staff particulars
In this section, Head master should fill the following details/particulars or information of Teaching/ Teaching staff in the given prescribed proforma.
1. Name of the post with subject:
2. Name of the Employee:
3. Employee code(Treasury):
4. Qualification:
5. Computer Knowledge:
6. Date of joining in  Present School:
7. Mobile No.:
8. Academic Professional:

Download the School Profile (School, Children and Teachers Information)
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