Aadhar Card is mandatory for Vehicle Registration

AADHAR FOR VEHICLE: When we compare our life styles with olden days there will be a vast change and the cost of living is raised. At the same time earning sources also increased. So, in those days in rural areas we may see 1 or 2 vehicles, but now the number of bikes increased more and more. 3/4th of villagers are riding bikes. They are feeling as prestigious issue to carry a bike and a cell phone. Without proper licence, papers youth are owning/buying bikes (Second hand).

In this way they are not up to date in driving which this leads to accidents, but victims are escaping without fine and punishment. They are moving on the roads rashly where others are suffering from that. If the bike riders cross the traffic rules and the police are unable to collect the challan from them because according to the address in the registration office will be differ to the original owner why because already the bike will be sold to the other.

So, to rectify such problems Transport dept is making Aadhar card as essential in the place of ration card. Now the ration card is permitted only for ration purpose. According to the supreme court decision Aadhar should make essential for welfare schemes. So, it is clear and made confirm Aadhar number as essential while buying a vehicle. The dealer will enroll your Aadhar number in registration papers. While registration you have to submit duplicate of aadhar card.

If the Aadhar number is same while comparing the number from the dealer and the Aadhar number produced by the person at the time of registration then only the computer accepts the details. You have to submit Aadhar number if the owner of vehicle changes.

Every year 15% of challan to be collected but not collecting due to the change in the owners and they are coming back to police. Not only that police are finding problem in the investigation at the time of major accidents.

Beware give your Aadhar number at the time of buying and at the time of registration.
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