AP DEECET 2018 1st / 2nd Phase Web Counselling Dates /Schedule

AP DEECET 2018 1st /2nd Phase Web Counselling Dates /Schedule

1st, #2nd phase #APDEECET 2018 #WebCounselling Dates, Schedule, Certificate Verification Dates/Schedule, Web options entry dates, Phase I and Phase II Web Counselling Schedule. AP State School Departments will issue the AP DEECET 2018 Web based admission process and certification verification schedule notification for conducting counselling through Web Based mode for admission into two year Diploma in Education Course for the academic year 2018-2019 in Govt DIETs and Private D.Ed Colleges.

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రాష్ట్రవ్యాప్తంగా 14 ప్రభుత్వ కళాశాలల్లో తెలుగు మాధ్యమంలో 650, ఆంగ్ల మాధ్యమంలో 700 చొప్పున మొత్తం 1350 సీట్లు ఉన్నాయి. ఇక 767 ప్రైవేటు కళాశాలల్లో తెలుగు మాధ్యమంలో 63900, ఆంగ్ల మాధ్యమంలో 2500 చొప్పున మొత్తం 66400 సీట్లు ఉన్నాయి. 

Revised AP DEECET 2018 1st Phase Counseling dates:
AP DEECET 2018 1st Phase Counseling (Submission of Web options by candidates) postponed to 18 July 2018
1. 1st Phase Counselling (Preparation of Seat Matrix, Submission of Web options by candidates, issue of Provisional letters of admissions, Verification of Certificates at DIETs and Issue of final admission letters) for SW-I: 18.07.2018 to 29.07.2018
1(a) Submission of Web options by Candidates 18.07.2018 to 22.07.2018
1(b) Allotment of seats: 23.07.2018 to 25.07.2018
1(c) Issue of provisional letters of admission: 26.07.2018
1(d) Verification of Certificates of DIETS and Issue of Final admission letter: 27.07.2018 to 30.07.2018
2. 2nd Phase of counselling for SW-1 06.08.2018 to 15.08.2018
3. Special Counselling 21.08.2018
4. 1st day of Instruction 08.08.2018

So, D.Ed course 2018-2019 admissions will be taken up through web based counselling that is online admissions process by the Education department officials as per the given schedule. The list of college like Government DIETs, Un-aided, Non Minority Colleges which did not opt for SW 2(Single Window 2) and range of ranks permissible for applying the admissions, Community or Special Category wise and Detailed admissions procedure will be available soon on the AP DEECET official website( Dates will be provided soon).

DEECET 2018 Candidates, who fall within the permissible DEECET Ranks can submit their performance of teacher training colleges through online from the link will be opened on official website. The web counselling and admission schedule of AP DEECET-2018  is being followed.

వెబ్‌ కౌన్సెలింగ్‌ వివరాలు: 
డైట్‌సెట్‌ 2018 వెబ్‌ కౌన్సెలింగ్‌ షెడ్యూల్‌ ప్రకారం..........

AP DEECET 2018 Web Counselling and Admission Schedule...

1. First phase of Counseling: 18-07-2018 to 29-07-2018
2. Second phase of Counseling: 06-08-2018 to 15-08-2018
3. Admissions for left over seats: to be announced!
4. First day of instruction: 01-08-2018

AP DEECET-2018 Counselling Schedule (Revised)
S.NoItems DiscussedResolved datesResponsibility for taking action
1Declaration of Results03.07.2018
2Counseling Notification09.07.2018
3Handing over of list of Colleges granted affiliation for that particular year05.07.2018Director SCERT
4First Phase:
1st phase counseling (
a. Preparation of Seat matrix,
b. Submission of Web based options by candidates,
c. Allotment of seats to candidates,
d. Issue of Provisional letters of admissions,
e. Verification of Certificates at DIETs and issue of Final Admission letter)for SW-1
AWeb Options:
Submission of Web based options by candidates
BSeat Allotments:
Allotment of seats to candidates
23 to 25-07-201818.07.2018
Issue of Provisional letters of admissions
dCertificates Verification:
Verification of Certificates at DIETs and issue of Final Admission letter
27 to 30-07-201823.07.2018
11Second Phase:
2nd phase Counseling for SW -1
14Special Counseling19.08.2018Convener-SW-I
151st Instruction Day01.08.2018Convener-SW-I

A. Phase-I Counselling to be started (18-07-2018 to 29-08-2018)
  1. Web options by the candidates: 18-07-2018 to 22-08-2018
  2. Allotment of Seats: 23 to 25-07-2018
  3. Allotment of Seats College wise list display: 23 to 25-07-2018
  4. Download of allotment orders by the candidates: 26-07-2018
  5. Counselling and Verification of Certificates by the Principals of Govt. DIETs in the state: 27 to 30-07-2018
  6. First Instructions Day: August 1st, 2018
The Candidates for whom seats were allotted in the 1st phase counselling and joined in the colleges and those who are willing for sliding to other colleges will be allowed for web options in the 2nd phase counselling.

B. Phase-II would be started from(06-08-2018 to 18-08-2018)
  1. Conformation of remaining vacancies by the Principals of Govt. DIETs: ......
  2. Web Options: ......
  3. Allotment of Seats:.....
  4. Allotment of Seats College wise list display: ....
  5. Download of allotment orders by the candidates:....
  6. Counselling and Verification of Certificates by the Principals of Govt. DIETs in the state:......
  7. First Instructions Day: August 1st, 2018
official dates to be provided soon here............

Counseling involves in the following steps
Step 1. Preparation of Seat Matrix,

Step 2.  Submission of web based options by candidates(Giving Web Options),

Step 3. Allotment of seats to candidates (Seat Allotments),

Step 4. Issue of Provisional letters of admission, Allotment Order(Download PAL),

Step 5. Verification of certificates at DIETs(Attend Certificates Verification process) and

Step 6. Issue of Final Admission letter/Final Allotment Order( Download FAL)

Step 8. Join in D.Ed /DIET College(Join in D.Ed College)

Step 9. Acknowledgement Letter submission(Submit to Govt. DIET)

AP DEECET 2018 Notification details at https://apdeecet.apcfss.in/ or www.cse.ap.gov.in

AP DEECET Important Dates:
Payment Start Date: 28.03.2018
Application Start Date: 29.03.2018
Payment End Date: 12.04.2018
Application End Date: 12.04.2018
Generation of Hall-tickets: 11.05.2018
Issue of Hall-tickets through online: 11.05.2018
Date of Entrance Exam: May 17, 18
Date of announcement of results and ranks: 28-05-2018
First Phase Counselling: June 4 to 15
Second phase counselling: June 22 to 25

Classes start from: August 1

AP DEECET 2018 1st Phase Web Counselling Dates/Schedule...
Andhra Pradesh DEECET 2018 for Admission into the two years D.Ed Course for 2018-2019 counselling will be started in two phases as per given schedule and after if seats remained can’t, spot admissions will be done also same methodology through online. For admissions under Category B, the Institutions of both governments shall notify all the details of seats under this category an conduct the admissions in a fair and transparent manner. For more details are available on its web portal


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    మీకు మీ సిబ్బందికి దసర శుభాకాంక్షలు .

  2. Web optipn procedure chepandi.tharwatha tenth tc na Leda last studie one di

    1. Please use all the above mentioned Links...

  3. apdeecet officials had no manners. how can know the village students without giving mobile information or web information on their websites of particular date of counselling. how can we believe other websites this date that date. even on the date of 23-11-2015 they did not update information. and closed the payment options at the 6 pm 25-11-2015.how can we know the information with out giving any such information. the officials are educated or not?

  4. It is hard to know information for villagers at right time, 60% students from villegers.but they fallow newspapers hence they can,t access internet compare to the city is literally poor,officials ignoere this problem

  5. sir,naku 1st counselling lo sarpavaram vachindi.nenu 2nd counselling lo pettina coleges rakapote 1stcounselling lo vachina college untunda leda

  6. sir naku 1st counselling lo kottavalasa vachindi.join kuda ayyanu. 2nd counselling ki better collegeki apply chesinappudu malli kottavalasa ki option ivvala?

  7. 2nd Counsling seat allotement inaka netlo raledu epudu meremo date 30 & 31 counsling icharu

  8. Dear sir 3rd phase counseling yeppudu...?

    1. All Govt Seats and Convener Qouta in Private D.Ed Colleges are completed...
      Only Management seats are available at private D.Ed Colleges..

    2. Sir...nenu Urdu medium ..Urdu D.Ed colleges lo only 30 seats matrame feeling chesnaru ..migelena seats epudu feel chestaru sir....deneki web consling untunda leka spart consling untunda sir ..eppudu untunde sir plizzzzz reply chiyande....na Peru Saif Ali...naku D.Ed lo rank 150 .marks 45 ....

  9. Dear sir
    3 rd counselling epudu teachers badi website lo jan 28 nunchi ani echaru main site open cheste emiledu plz 3 rd counselling epudu sir procedure emiti

    1. You should contact your District Govt DIET Principal and go to the DIET College for getting more information and Clarifications on this....TnQ..

  10. sir please give chance to first phase persons also to participate in third phase ..please sirrrrr.... there are so many people are there who are not in second phase. we want to partcipate in third phase please sir.............

    1. Once go to your District Govt DIET for Participating in 3rd Phase..DIET officials may be give chance..Hope on this...

  11. Sir ,
    Good morning a small information is required my daughter has got allotment seat in diecet at visakhapatnam in krishna Reddy college parwada ,Gollalapalem,but not not attended for councelling due to some problem .The 3rd counselling dates are annonced is there any eligibility chance to go for councelling in 3rd at Bommuru Rajahmundry 29.01.16& 30.01.16.clarification is required please. Thanq

    1. Yes,Eligible and you can participate in Third phase at your District Govt DIET College ...TnQ hurry up sir..

  12. sir,please send me any contact number of deecet2016 enquiry,3rdphase councelling ki web options enduku pettaledu,options change cheddam ankunnam but ippudu vellu avadu,ela sir ippudu.

    1. 3 వ‌ర‌కు ఏపీ డైట్ సెట్ ధ్రువప‌త్రాల‌ ప‌రిశీల‌న‌:ఏపీలోని ప్రభుత్వ డైట్ క‌ళాశాల‌లో ఫిబ్రవ‌రి 3 వ‌ర‌కు డైట్ సెట్ ధ్రువప‌త్రాల‌ ప‌రిశీల‌న జ‌ర‌గ‌నుంద‌ని సెట్ ఛైర్మన్ పార్వతి ఫిబ్రవ‌రి 1న ఒక ప్రక‌ట‌న‌లో తెలిపారు. జ‌న‌వ‌రి 30న స్పెష‌ల్ కౌన్సెలింగ్ ద్వారా క‌ళాశాల‌లు కేటాయించిన అభ్యర్థులు ఫిబ్రవ‌రి 4లోగా సంబంధిత క‌ళాశాల‌ల్లో రిపోర్టింగ్ చేయాల‌ని ఆమె సూచించారు.

  13. sir,please send me any contact number of deecet2016 enquiry,3rdphase councelling ki web options enduku pettaledu,options change cheddam ankunnam but ippudu vellu avadu,ela sir ippudu.

    1. 2nd Phase lo web Options ichchina vaarini maathrame 3rd Phase ki pilichaaru....
      3rd Phase counselling has been completed as per their schedule...................
      Next AP DEECET 2016 Notification will be released in March 2016

    2. hi sir iam rama bc a igot 40 marks iam qulified or not

  14. III Phase Counselling is going on.................
    Web Options: Already given by students in Phase II
    Allotment of Seats: 28-01-2016 to 30-01-2016(Declared)
    Allotment of Seats College wise list display: 30-01-2016(Declared)
    Counselling and Verification of Certificates: 01-02-2016 to 03-02-2016 New
    Attend or Reporting to the College: 04-02-2016

  15. Sir,
    Please let us know about the couselling procedure for AP DEECET 2016.

  16. is there any possible to pay through debit card

  17. sir nenu 2016 deecet exams rasnu rank vachindhi web counselling petanu kani chinna problem vachindhi certificate verification ki kavalsina certificates anni unnai kani deecet hallticket matram ledhu hallticket exam venue lo sir tesukunaru inkha ivvaledhu kani tesukuvelalsina certificates lo hallticket ani kuda mention chesaru na dagara number vundhi kani hallticket ledhu so pls help malli hallticket download chesukovadaniki veelouthundha veelunte link pampiichara pls

    1. Sir my name is sarma i studied inter in mpc but deecet entrance lo social studies ani pettaru by mistake nenu methodology change chesukovachhha counselling lo please reply any one knows sir

  18. Sir both students are not satisfied for 1st and 2nd counseling allotment seats so please 3rd counseling release sir

  19. respected sir please correct the first instruction day date

  20. sir 3rd phase counselling untumda

  21. sir 3rd phase counselling untumda

  22. sir 3rd phase counselling untmda reply me

  23. sir plz tell me 3rd phase deecet2016-18 counselling eppudu

  24. Sir iam raju igot38mark sin2017cast_sc naku seat govt

  25. Sir web counselling eppudu start chestaru . Rank ela thelusukovadam. Please tell me sir .

  26. Sir web counselling eppudu start chestaru . Rank ela thelusukovadam. Please sir urgent.

  27. Sir second counsilling allotment notifications entha lopala vasthaayi !! I mean timing !!!plzzzzzzz 6pm to..??

  28. Sir payment nenu phase 1 ki chesa
    Ippudu malli phase2 ki payment cheyala



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