Code of Conduct for Teachers| Behavioural guidelines of Govt. Teachers

Code of Conduct for Govt.AP Teachers/ Behavioural Guidelines of Govt. AP Teachers

Code of Conduct for Govt. AP Teachers,Behavioural Guidelines of Govt. AP Teachers, The rules of conduct for AP TS Teachers, Guidelines and Instructions to Teachers: "TEACHER" who lightens the life of many students. Teacher guides, warns, learn, explain, gives an idea what actual life is and how should we deal it? Teacher is a person with lots of skills, moral values, discipline etc. But now due to some teachers irregularity, misbehaviour, irresponsibility leading to severe circumstances where whole teachers should suffer and face the reactions.

Recently education dept of Andhra Pradesh State Government framed guidelines on behaviour of teachers. These are to be followed by teachers to function the school properly and to develop discipline in them. The following are these and those who neglects and cross these will be taken action on them.

Behavioural Guidelines of Govt. Teachers
1. Do not carry cellphones to the class room.
2. All teachers should attend the school before the assembly and leave after the long bell.
3. If any late, that day will be considered as C.L.
4. Go to class immediately after the bell and leave the class only after the time completion.
5. Take permission from H.M for your C.L and other type of leave. H.M should inform higher officials and take permission.
6. H.M should maintain movement register and mention the proper reason.

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7. Conduct assembly regularly, hoist the flag in the premises of school on every Monday.
8. Every Thursday last period conduct co-curricular activities.
9. Every Saturday last period conduct mass drill.
10. Maintain mid-day meal properly. After students lunch only, teachers should have their lunch.
11. One teacher should taste the mid-day meal and note the details.
12. Teacher should teach with lesson plan & TLM.
13. Conduct parents meeting once in a month.
14. MEOs, Dy.EO and SSA Sectoral officials should attend assembly of any school in working days for inspection.

15. Arrange sanitary club and maintain neatness at toilets.
16. Collect and preserve text books from the children at last of academic year and utilise next year.
17. Science teachers should do practicals note daily wise practicals details in register.
18. Teachers in high school should teach 24 periods per week. H.Ms should teach 8 periods of single subject and prefer 10th class.
19. Make available of nail cutter, comb, mirror to students to cut their nails once in a week and comb hair daily.
20. Make students to wear uniform daily.
21. Supervise on panting plants, neatness/cleanliness programmes and water facilities.
22. Help in health check up by health dept
23. Train specially children in games/sports.

The following guidelines have been taken from the Teachers’ Standards
1. Set high expectations which inspire, motivate and challenge pupils
2. Promote good progress and outcomes by pupils
3. Demonstrate good subject and curriculum knowledge
4. Plan and teach well-structured lessons
5. Adapt teaching to respond to the strengths and needs of all pupils
6. Make accurate and productive use of assessment
7. Manage behaviour effectively to ensure a good and safe learning environment
8. Fulfil wider professional responsibilities

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