Memo.4392 Clarifications on Counting of EOL on Medical Certificate for Grade Increments

Memo.4392 Clarifications on Counting of EOL on Medical Certificate for Grade Increments

Counting of Extra-Ordinary Leave taken on Medical Certificate for Grade Increments-clarifications, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Finance(Admn-II)Department, Memo No.4392-B/124/A1/Admn-II/02,Dated:04-02-2002

Memo.4392, EOL Clarifications,Medical Certificate

Establishment-State Audit Department-counting of EOL taken on Medical Certificate for Grade Increments-Belated request made-clarification Sought for - Reg.

1.Director of State Audit, Hyderabad Letter Rc.No.7354/124/D2/2001,Dt.24-12-01.

The attention of the Director of State Audit, Hyderabad is invited to the reference cited and it is informed that:

1. The instructions issued in circular Memo No. 21102 -B/371/A2/FR-1/98 dared 7-8-1998 are very comprehensive in regard to sanction of EOL on Medical Certificate.

2. Further EOL sanctioned on medical grounds counts for increments under FR 26(b) (ii). For this the Government Employee concerned need not represent for the same, since it is the duty of the Head of the Department concerned when the period of EOL  is less than 6 months or upto 6 months and beyond that the Government, as per the delegation allowed under FR 26 (b) (ii).

3.Therefore, it is the responsibility of the Competent Authority who sanctioned the ‘EOL’(Extra-Ordinary Leave) on Medical certificate to a Government Servant.

4. To see that the increments are released/sanctioned to the individual by addressing in the matter to the Head of Department/ Government as such the Government Employee Need not represent for sanction of increments in respect of the Extra-Ordinary Leave availed by them on medical grounds.

Ex-Gratia Allowance Limits Enhanced to Govt. Employees on EOL for Treatment
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