NCERT NTSE FAQs-National Talent Search Examination Frequently Asked Questions

NCERT NTSE FAQs - National Talent Search Examination Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is this scheme about?
This scheme is aimed at identification of talented students and awarding them scholarship to pursue their further studies and nurture them.

2. How old is this scheme?
The scheme is almost as old as NCERT; In 1963 the scheme was introduced as National Science Talent Search Scheme.

3. How long successful candidates will be getting The awardees studying in Sciences, scholarship?
The awardees studying 1n Sciences, scholarship Social Sciences, Humanities, Languages Commerce, vocational studies and fine arts are eligible to receive scholarship up to Ph.D. level whereas the awardees studying professional courses 1n medicines, engineering, technology, management and law, are eligible to receive the scholarship up to second degree level.

3. How talented students are identify?
Talented students are identified through two- tier examination process.

4. What is this two -tier examination scheme?
This lS a scheme 1n which exam is conducted in two stages.

5. Who conduct first level examination?
NTS Stage-one is conducted by states and union territories. The purpose of this exam is to screen the number of candidates for Second level exam to be conducted by NCERT.

6. Who conducts this second level National examination?
National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) conducts this examination.

7. What is the criterion for selection to stage-II examination?
There is quota earmarked for all the states/ UTs. The state quota lS computed on the basis of the student's enrolment at secondary level with aminimum of 10 for union territory and 25 for a state.

8. When can one appear for NTS Stage-I Examination?
Currently NTS Scheme is open to the students who are presently studying in Class X.

9. Does this scheme available for other classes also?

10. How many scholarships are awarded every year?
Every year about 1000 scholarships are awarded.

11. Is there any reservation for scholarships?
Yes, there is a provision of reservation for SC and ST candidates based on national norms of 15 percent and 7.5 percent.
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