NCERT NTSE - NTS Scholarships Disbursement Rules and Regulations

NCERT NTSE - NTS Scholarships Disbursement Rules and Regulations

The following decisions has been taken on the NTS Scholarship Scheme by the NCERT Officials
1. Awardees have to secure an aggregate of 60% o marks or equivalent grade in order to be eligible for scholarship every year. If a student secures less than 60% in a year, the scholarship is forfeited for that year. If a student fails to secure minimum 60% or equivalent grade for two consecutive or non
consecutive years, he or she will be ineligible for payment of scholarship and will be discontinued forever. This will be implemented from the academic session of 2015-16 and onwards.

NCERT NTSE - NTS Scholarship Disbursement Rules and Regulations
2. A pass in all subjects for which a student has registered/appeared is necessary. A student who fails in any subject (whether core, non-core or optional etc.) will not be eligible for payment of scholarship and will be discontinued forever.

3. Withdrawal in non core subjects as per institutional rules of exemption is considered for payment of scholarship.

4. In view of online payment of scholarship to the awardee the stipulated time period is reduced from 24 months to 12 months. Hence, from the academic session 2015-16 onwards, the awardees
are to submit the claim bills within the period of 12 months of joining in a particular academic

5. Any awardee getting any other scholarship for a period exceeding six months on a regular monthly basis will make him/her in eligible for receipt of NTS scholarship. In such cases, the scholarship once discontinued will not be revived in any case. All the students must also give an undertaking each year that they are not receiving scholarship or award from any other institutions. Further no student who is employed is eligible for payment of scholarship and accordingly, every student has to provide a certificate that he or she is not employed.

6. Fee waiver/one time grant/subsidy in fee and residential accommodation will not make a student ineligible for scholarship.

7. Students pursuing diploma or certificate courses will be provided scholarship, provided they are not employed.

All other terms and conditions of NTS Scholarship Scheme will remain the same.

The awardees studying in Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Languages Commerce, vocational studies and fine arts are eligible to receive scholarship up to Ph.D. level whereas the awardees studying professional courses in medicines, engineering, technology, management and law, are eligible to receive the scholarship up to second degree level. Scholarships will be paid subject to fulfillment of the following conditions

General Eligibility Conditions
(i) An Awardee is eligible for the scholarship provided she/he: (a) takes up studies in approved courses.
(b) maintains good conduct as certified by the Head of the College/Institution and continues his/her studies as a regular student.
(c) does not absent herself/himself without proper leave. (d) takes up studies on a whole time basis.
(e) does not take up any job with salary/remuneration.

(ii) The NTS scholarship precludes the awardee from accepting any other scholarship. (iii) No scholarship shall be available for studies abroad for any course.
(iv) No claim for scholarship arrears will be entertained after the expiry of 12 months of the academic session for which one has applied for the claim. After that scholarship will be discontinued once for all.
(v) In case any awardee leaves her/his course of study within one month of registration/admission, no scholarship shall be paid to him/her.
(vi) In case awardee is not able to appear at the examination due to serious illness, one should send the medical certificate through the Head of the Institution within three months of his/her falling ill. The duration of illness should be clearly certified by a specialist, who is a Registered Medical Practitioner. The facility will be available to the awardee to continue the same course in which one is  studying  provided  the  principal  or  the  head  of  the  institution  certifies  that  the  overall performance of the awardee during the year is 50 per cent or above.
(vii) The NTS awardee is allowed one shift in the course of study till one month after the end of the first  year  of  undergraduate  courses,  within  the  same      institution  or  in  another  institution. However, she/he will not be warded  scholarship for the first year of the new course.  Thus, in this case she/he will have to lose the scholarship for one year.   It would resume in the next year provided all the requirements are met.
(viii) Scholarship shall be deemed to be discontinued with any gap of one academic session in studies at any time due to any reason.
(ix) Scholarship once discontinued on the basis of the rules of disbursement of scholarship cannot be revived under any circumstances.
(x) All rules are subject to change from time to time, as and when required, which will be binding on all awardees.
(xi) If the awardee does not fulfill the eligibility conditions, i.e. minimum qualifying marks for disbursement of scholarship in a particular academic year/semester, the amount of scholarship will be forfeited for the said year, but continuation of the awardee with the scholarship will be possible if she/he fulfills the eligibility conditions of minimum qualifying marks in the next academic session/semester, failing which his/her scholarship will be discontinued henceforth

Eligibility and other Conditions for Continuation of Scholarship at Higher Secondary Stage
(i) The award of scholarship to the selected candidates shall commence subsequent to their clear promotion to Class XI.
(ii) The scholarship at the higher secondary stage or equivalent Classes XI to XII is payable for a maximum period of two years for studies in India only.
(iii) No scholarship at this stage is payable for studying diploma/certificate level courses.
(iv) The awardees for the continuation of scholarships in Class XI and XII should have at least 60 per cent marks in aggregate in Class X and 50 per cent marks in aggregate in Class XI and clear promotion to next class in first attempt.
(v)  In case an institution does not conduct an examination at the end of Class XI, the scholarship for the second year will be continued on the submission of a certificate to this effect from the Head of the Institution.
(vi) In case the performance is reported in grades, then equivalent to 60% aggregate will be taken into account.

Eligibility  and  other  Conditions for  Continuation  of  Scholarships  at first  Degree Level Courses
(i) The awardee must obtain a minimum of 60 per cent marks at the end of +2 stage or equivalent examination for continuation of the scholarship at the first degree level course in Basic Sciences, Social Sciences or a professional course in engineering, medicine, management or law.
(ii) The scholarship to SC/ST awardees will be paid after getting selected through Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), IIT and admitted in the one-year preparatory course for B.Tech. The scholarship will continue in 1st year subject to fulfillment of all the conditions laid down by respective IITs.
(iii) The continuation of scholarships in the second and subsequent years shall be subject to the following conditions:
(a) Clear promotion to the next class in first attempt with pass in all papers.
(b) At least 50 per cent marks in aggregate at the internal examinations. However, the scholarship to MBBS candidates for internship will be given, only if one secures 60 per cent or more marks in the final degree.
(c) In case the result is not declared in terms of marks and grades are given, these should be equivalent to at least 50 per cent and above.
(d) In case an Institution/University does not conduct an annual examination after such a class, a certificate from the principal/head of the institution would be acceptable to this effect that the overall performance of the awardee is 50 per cent or above.
(e) In case of IITs and other institutions, which follow semester system of examination, the marks or an equivalent Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) at the end of an academic year will be considered.

Eligibility and other Conditions at Second Degree Level Course
(i) An awardee must have passed final examination for a first-degree level course in the first attempt securing a minimum of 60 per cent marks or its equivalent grade after aggregating the marks for all the years in the university examination of the course.
(ii) An awardee shall be eligible to receive the scholarship in the second year only if he/she secures at least 50 per cent marks at the end of the first year. In case there is no university examination or grades are awarded, suitable certificate from the head of the institution will be acceptable.
(iii) In case an institution has semester system of examination at this stage, the marks, grades or CGPA as the case may be, obtained by an awardee in the examination conducted at the end of an academic year, will be considered for continuation of her/his scholarship during the next year.
(iv) The  scholarships  at  this  stage  will  also  be  available  for  doing  a  diploma  course  in management  or  specific  branch  of  medicine  or  surgery  provided  the  minimum  qualification  for entrance to such courses is a degree in the concerned discipline.

Eligibility and other Conditions at M.Phil./Ph.D Stage
(i) An awardee shall be eligible to receive scholarship during the pre-doctoral/M.Phil. courses provided these are an institutional requirement for Ph.D. work. The continuance of scholarship after this pre-requisite course shall be subject to the successful completion of it.
(ii) An awardee will be eligible to receive scholarship for doing research work leading to Ph.D./D.Phil. degree provided he/she passes M.A./M.Sc./M.Com./M.Phil course in the first attempt securing a minimum of 60 per cent marks or its equivalent grade after aggregating the marks for all the years in the university examination of the course. An awardee must begin research/pre-doctoral work within six months of the declaration of M.A./M.Com./M.Sc. result. The date of joining should be intimated to the NCERT immediately thereafter with a certificate from the concerned supervisor indicating the field of work.
(iii) At the end of two years, there would be an assessment of the quality of work done, by two independent experts on the basis of which the scholarship may be continued or discontinued.
(iv) The scholarship shall be continued during the second and fourth year only if the guide certified that the work during the first and the third year respectively has been of high quality.
(v) The change of topic/ guide/ Institution shall be allowed with the prior approval of both the guides and the NCERT.
(vi) An awardee can take up a teaching assignment for a short period not exceeding a total period of six months only within the tenure of four years with the prior permission of the NCERT only if his/her supervisor certifies that his/her assignment is not prejudicial to his/her progress. No scholarship shall be paid for this period, which of course shall be counted as part of the total period of four years.
(vii) The scholarship shall commence from the month of commencing the research work as certified by the Guide. However, regular registration documents must be submitted within six months
of  commencing  the  research  work.  In  case  of  pre-doctoral/M.Phil.  courses,  scholarship  will  be awarded from the month of admission.
(viii) An awardee will be entitled to the scholarship for Ph.D. up to a period of four years ordinarily. If he/she submits the thesis/dissertation before four years period is over but continues to work  on  the  same  problem  on  which  he/she  has  written  the  thesis/dissertation  under  the  same
supervisor, he/she will be entitled to the scholarship up to the viva-voce or the end of four years whichever is earlier. The supervisor has to certify in such cases that continuation of the Ph.D. research work after submission of the dissertation/thesis is necessary and has been undertaken

Contingency Grant for Ph.D. work
(i) The grant shall be utilised with the approval of the supervisor.
(ii) All purchases shall be according to the rules of the institution.
(iii) The grant may be utilised on apparatus, chemical, equipment, books, journals, photostat copies, microfilms, typing, postage and field work/travel (within India only) needed in connection with the approved research project with the approval of the supervisor and the university where the scholar works.
(iv) The grant shall not be used for payment of examination or any other fees.
(v) On  termination  of  the  scholarship,  the  apparatus  and  other  non-consumable  articles purchased out of the contingency grant will become the property of the institution/university where a scholar works. The university may, if he/she desires, allow the scholar to retain with him/her the books purchased out of the contingency grant.
(vi) For all expenditure out of the contingency grant, a certificate from the supervisor to the effect that the expenditure incurred was in furtherance of the approved research project shall be necessary.
(vii) Travel  allowance  for  approved  field  work/travel  in  connection  with  the  research  work (including attending of relevant academic/research conferences and symposia) shall be admissible according to the rules applicable to the teaching staff of the University.
(viii) The contingency grant for the first year of the research will be released to the head of the university concerned along with the scholarship for the first year. The contingency grant for the subsequent years will be released only on receipt of account of expenditure incurred duly certified by the supervisor and head and utilisation certificate in the prescribed proforma submitted through the institution/university (vii) Travel allowance for approved field work/travel in connection with the research work (including attending of relevant academic/research conferences and symposia) shall be admissible according to the rules applicable to the teaching staff of the university.
(ix) The amount left unspent at the end of each year of the scholarship tenure will be adjusted against the contingency grant payable for the subsequent year. The year for the purpose is to be reckoned from the date of joining the research. Similarly any amount left unspent out of the contingency grant on the date of expiry/termination/relinquishment of the scholarship will be refundable to the NCERT.

Rates of Scholarship
The rates of scholarship at different stages are given as under:
1. Higher Secondary level Rs. 1250/- p.m.
2. Graduate and Post Graduate Rs. 2000/- p.m.
3. For Ph.D. degree (four years) As per UGC norms

Mode of Payment
The payment of scholarship shall be made direct to the awardees. The scholarship amount will be either directly transferred to their joint account through e-banking or will be sent through bank draft wherever above mentioned e-banking facilities are not available.
(i) The payment of scholarship shall be made to the awardees on the receipt of the claim bill on a prescribed Performa sent to the NCERT duly signed by the Principal/ Head of the Institution and accompanied by the mark sheet of the previous annual examination.
(ii) The Payment of scholarship to the awardees will be made for a maximum period of 12 months in a one academic session subject to the condition for the maximum period of duration of the specific course.
(iii) The bank will transfer the amount of scholarship to the awardees on annually basis. NCERT will pay the scholarship from July to June (for manually) and from April to March (for online) for a particular academic session.
(v) The payment of scholarship during leave shall be governed by relevant leave rules.

Leave Rules Applicable to all the Awardees
(i) Leave must be got sanctioned from the Head of the Institution/ Department before it is availed of. Any absence from studies/research without leave shall lead to discontinuation of scholarship.
(ii) Generally, no leave with scholarship shall be granted to awardees except on medical grounds.
(iii) Medical leave up to a maximum of four months in an academic year shall be admissible, if recommended by a competent medical authority, as under:
(a) Full scholarship if the absence does not exceed two months; (b) Half scholarship for a further period of two months;
(c) No scholarship for the absence beyond four months.

(iv) For married men/women, the scholarship will be admissible at full rates up to 15/135 days respectively, for absence on grounds of maternity.
(iv) The awardees working at the Ph.D. level shall, however, be allowed casual leave with scholarship up to a maximum of 30 days in an academic year. The Ph.D. Supervisor will grant this leave.
(vi) Applications for medical leave, including maternity leave, should be referred to the NCERT
within a fortnight of the illness/confinements.

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