Rc.405 Video Conference on Academic Calendar 2015-16 and Academic Programmes/Issues

#DSE Telangana, RC. 405 Video Conference to all HMs,CRPs,DEOs,POs and DPO staff  on Academic Calendar 2015-16 and Academic Programmes/Issues

Rc.No.405/D/C&T/SCERT/2015,Date: 01.08.2015
Proceedings of the Director of School Education,Telangana,Hyderabad.

SCERT, Telangana, Hyderabad - Academic Calendar 2015-16 and academic programmes/ issues - Video conference by the Director of School Education with all the Headmasters High Schools, all the ME0s, CRPs, DLMTs, Dy.E0s, POs of SSA, DPO staff, DEOs on 3rd August 2015 (Monday) 02.00 to 05.30 PM at Mandal and District Level - Orders-issued - Reg.

Order: All the RJDSEs, District Educational Officers and Project Officers of SSA are hereby informed that....

It is proposed to conduct a video conference with
i) All the Headmasters High Schools,
ii) All the ME0s
iii) CRPs
iv) DLMTs
v) DE0s
vi) Dy.E0s
vii) POs of SSA
viii) DPO staff

On 3rd August 2015 (Monday) 02.00 to 05.30 PM at Mandal and District Level to discuss
1. Academic calendar and 
2. Implementation of curriculum,
3. CCE,
4. Academic monitoring of schools
5.  Academic Programmes/Issues
in the current academic year and also to clarify some of the doubts/ issues pertaining to academic calendar, CCE, academic monitoring etc.

Therefore, all the DEOs are requested to inform all the Headmasters of High Schools, all the MEOs, CRPs, DLMTs, Dy.EOs, POs of SSA, DPO staff to attend the video conference.

The Headmasters, MEOs, CRPs, DLMTs shall attend the video conference at Mandal Level and Dy.EOs, DE0s, POs of SSA and DPO staff shall attend at District Level.

This may be treated as most urgent and information may be given to all and attend the conference.

Rc.No.405/D/C&T/SCERT/2015,Date: 01.08.2015


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