Formulation of New Educational Policy-2015 Consultative Meetings Guidelines

RC 430 Formulation of the New Education Policy in Telangana State 

Telangana State Formulation of new educational policy-2015 consultative meetings guidelines in telugu, #Rc430,guidelines, #NEP 2015, Village level to district level consultations, New Education Policy Guidelines.Nutana Vidyavidhana Vishayalu. Proceedings of the Director of School Education,Telangana,Hyderabad, Procgs RC.No.430/D/C&T/SCERT/2015, Dated:  19.08.2015

New Educational Policy-2015,Consultative Meetings,Guidelines

SCERT, Telangana, Hyderabad -  Formulation of the New Education Policy-One day meeting with DEOs and Principals of DIETs, CTEs and IASEs to discuss  action plan on New Education Policy on 25th  August, 2015  in the conference hall of State Project Office, SSA, Hyderabad -  Reg.

1.  Govt.   Memo   No.670/Prog.lI/A2/2015,    Dated:     14.05.2015     and 20.05.2015
2.  Proceedings of the Director of School Education,Rc. No.  430/D/C&T/SCERT/2015,
 Dated: 30.05.2015  and 23.06.2015.


 1. All the RJDSEs, DEOs,  Principals   of DIETs,  CTEs, IASEs  and POs of SSA in the State are hereby informed  that vide reference 2 cited, detailed information was given to all  the  DEOs regarding  New  Education  Policy and  conduct  of  meetings at  Gram Panchayat, Mandal and District  Level.
2. A draft Manual for grass-root level consultation with Themes of the New Education  Policy, Question template including different sets  of questions at Village, Block, District  and State Level  under each theme have been translated  in  to Telugu  and furnished to the DEOs vide reference 2 cited.
3.Vide  reference 2 cited all the DEOs  are requested to furnish  the information   pertaining to names of  the  Nodal  Officers at  Gram   Panchayat,  Mandal, Municipal  and District  Level in the given proforma and no information was received in this regard from the DEOs.
4. The translated versions of themes and questions for discussion  etc.  are now are again  enclosed.
Therefore, now the fresh schedule for conduct of consultative meetings along with members at various levels  is given here under.

S.No Level Consultation group/  participants  Timeline
1. State Level meeting  with DEOs  RJDSEs, DEOs and Principals of DIETs, CTEs,  IASE and persons from NIC and Govt. of India 25th August, 2015
2. District Level meeting with MEOs, Dy.EOs MEOs,  Dy.EOs,  staff of DIETs,  CTEs, IASE,DPO staff of SSA and RMSA. 31st August, 2015
3. Mandal Level meeting  with  HMs (Nodal Officers), CRPs. Headmasters (Nodal Officers) and CRPs. 7th Septerrber,
4. Gram Panchayat  Village  Education  Committee; School Management Committee;  Representatives  of  2015 social groups/ weaker sections 11th September,2015
5. Block/  Mandal &Municipalities Block/  Mandal  Education  Committee and Representation  of urban local  bodies  i.e. elected Municipal Councilors 18th September,
6. District

District Collector, Zilla Parishad; District  Education Committees; DEO,  Representatives of urban administration;  Head Masters of selected secondary schools; DIETs;  MEOS,   Persons from Adult  Education Department

25th September,2015
7. State State Level Education  Committee;  Director  of School  Education;  Addi. Directors;  Heads of Departments and Representatives from Teachers, NGOs, Teacher Educators etc. Further,      thematic      and      multistakeholder round table   meetings i.e.   about three   (3)  meetings    to  deliberate   on   the proposed Educational  Policy.

30th Sept to
8th Oct- 2015

In this  regard, following are the Nodal Officer decided earlier by the C&DSE.

Identification of Nodal Officer:
Sl.No. Levels   Nodal Officers designated
1. State  Level   Addi. Director (Coordination), O/o DSE.
2. District Level   District Educational Officer
3. Mandal Level  Mandal Educational Officer
4. Gram Panchayat Level  Head Master of High School/ Upper Primary/
Primary School
The State Information Officer, NIC has sent four files pertaining  to names of Gram Panchayat,  Mandals,  Urban  Municipalities and Districts furnishing  the  names of Gram Panchayat,   Mandals,  Urban Municipalities  and  Districts and  requested for  providing names of  the  Nodal  Officers with  their  mobile numbers so that these files may be uploaded to GOI  for  issuing  passwords at  every level  i.e.  Gram Panchayat,  Mandals, Urban Municipalities and Districts so that the ecommendations of the meetings may be uploaded through online to 'mygov' portal of GOI.

In  this  regard,  the  District-wise    files  pertaining   to names  of  Gram    Panchayats, Mandals,  Urban  Municipalities    and  Districts   are  herewith   enclosed  and  the  DEOs   are requested  to furnish  the names of  Nodal   Officers  against  each Gram Panchayat,   Mandal, Urban Municipality  and Districts  with  their  mobile   numbers.

Therefore,   the  DEOs   are requested  to  read the  material   and attend  the  meeting along   with   Principals   of  DIETs,  CTEs and  IASEs,   AMO of  SSA.  The  meeting  will   be  at
10.30AM on  25th  August,  2015 in the  conference hall  of  State  Project Office, SSA,
Hyderabad. They are also  requested to bring the soft copies of names of Nodal  Officers and their  mobile numbers in the proforma enclosed.

2.  District-wise files pertaining to names of Gram Panchayats, Mandals,  Urban Municipalities and Districts

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