Rc.559 Supply the Radio Schedule, Teacher Handbooks/Modules to all AP Schools

Rc.No.559 Dated: 29.07.2015 Supply the Radio schedule and Teacher handbooks/Modules to all the AP Schools

Proceedings of the State Project Director Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan,
Andhra Pradesh,Hyderabad.
Rc.No.559/APSSA/DEC/A2/2014 Dated: 29.07.2015

AP,SSA,Hyderabad-Broadcasting of IRI lessons for 'Primary classes under "Vindam Nerchukundam" Programme through All India Radio from 01.07.2015 to 31.03.2016- Instructions issued - Req - Reg.

This office Proc.Rc.No. 559/ APSSA/DEC/ A2/2014 Dt: 29.06.2015

1. All the Project Officers are hereby informed that as per this office proceedings under reference cited, intimated the IRI Lessons for Primary classes under "Vindam Nerchukundam" are broadcasting from 01.07.2015 to 31.03.2016.

2. Requested to give wide publicity, communicate the Radio schedule and Teacher handbooks on IRI Lessons to all the Schools concerned and requested to issue the instructions to all the Headmasters of Schools/MandaI Educational Officers/field functionaries to make necessary arrangements for utilization of the programme for the benefit of the students.

3. But it is brought to the notice of the under signed, in spite of the instructions, the Radio Schedule and Teacher Hand books were not received by certain schools in the state.

4. Due to non receipt of the schedule and Teacher hand books, the Teachers are not able to inform the programmes in advance to the students and making/ conducting pre -activities as per the schedule.

5. Therefore All the project officers are requested once again to supply the Radio schedule and teacher handbooks to all the schools concerned in the District, so as enable the Teachers to utilize same for the benefit of the students and also follow the Instructions issued by this office in the proceedings under reference cited.
Rc.No.559/APSSA/DEC/A2/2014 Dated: 29.07.2015
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